Explore the Magic of Penguin Island in Western Australia

Discover Penguin Island, Western Australia: The Ultimate Parent’s Guide

Hey there, adventurous parents! If you’re planning for a family adventure bursting with natural beauty and adorable little creatures, then Penguin Island, Western Australia should be your next destination. With plenty to see and do, we guarantee that kids and adults alike will never run out of excitement on this island paradise.

All About Penguin Island

Penguin Island is a dreamy spot located just south of Perth. The island is brimming with white sandy beaches, clear waters, and a variety of wildlife, including the island’s star attractions – the little penguins.

Little Penguins: The Island’s Star Residents

Get ready for a squeal of delight from your little ones, as they meet the smallest species of penguin in the world. Resident to the island, these little penguins only come ashore during the night, but fear not, Penguin Island has a Discovery Centre where penguin feeding shows happen daily, letting your kiddos get up close and personal with these adorable creatures.

How to Get There

The journey is as enjoyable as the destination, and reaching Penguin Island from Perth is no exception. Read all about the exciting ways your family can travel to this amazing island!

Ferry Ride

Yes, your adventure begins even before you set foot on the island! A colorful ferry ride provides spectacular views of the Shoalwater Island Marine Park and if you’re lucky, you might even spot dolphins, sea lions and other marine residents during your voyage.

Activities for Kids

Penguin Island isn’t just about penguins; it offers a plethora of engaging activities that will keep your kids entertained and educated all day.

Nature Trails

The island is laced with well-marked kid-friendly nature trails, offering an intriguing journey through the island’s various habitats. Beware, a cute quokka might cross your path!

We hope this guide has given you an irresistible itch to start packing those cute little backpacks. Stay tuned for more helpful tips on your upcoming visit to Penguin Island, Western Australia.

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Pelican Feeding

Don’t miss out on the daily pelican feeding sessions. This is an activity both you and your kids will thoroughly enjoy. Watch the island’s largest birds show off their quirky behaviour as they casually enthrall all onlookers with their playful antics.

Facilities Available

Parents, we know that you need your day out to be as hassle-free as possible, and Penguin Island has got just what you need.

Picnic & Barbeque Areas

Bring along your favorite sandwich spread or prepare a barbeque while your kids enjoy the playground. Safe and well-maintained picnic and BBQ spots are scattered around the island for your convenience.

Bathing Facilities

The island is equipped with clean and user-friendly bathing facilities, making those after-beach cleanups much easier.

Wrap Up

Eager to meet some feathered friends, marine critters and create unforgettable family memories? Penguin Island, Western Australia, should definitely be on your bucket list! Offering a mixture of fun, adventure and learning, it is a place that embodies the true spirit of a fantastic family outing. Our advice? Start planning your visit now. You won’t regret it!

To sum it all up, always remember “Leave only Footprints, Take only Pictures”. Let’s help preserve the natural beauty of this island for future generations.

We hope to see you at Penguin Island soon!

Pssst…don’t forget your sunblock and your camera – the sights are absolutely Instagram-worthy!

Preparing for Penguin Island in Western Australia: A Guide for Parents

Prioritize Weather and Clothes

The weather in Penguin Island, Western Australia varies, so it is essential to check the forecast ahead to pack appropriate clothes. Include lightweight clothing for the warm weather and heavier ones for cooler temperatures. Protection against the sun like hats, sunglasses and sunscreen should also be included.

Include Essentials for Kids

Don’t forget to pack essential items for children, like snacks and water to keep them hydrated and nourished during the trip. Disposable diapers for the little ones and a handy first-aid kit might prove helpful in emergencies.

Plan Activities for Little Penguins

Educational and exciting, Penguin Island lets your kids witness a little penguin feeding show. So, plan to attend the live feeding shows or walk around the island to watch penguins in their natural habitat.

Look Up Safety Regulations

As Penguin Island is a wildlife conservation area, parents need to educate their children on the significance of abiding by the island’s safety rules and policies. This includes keeping a respectable distance from the penguins and not feeding them.

Prepare for the Ferry Ride

Ferry rides may seem fun, but for children who are not used to them, it might get a tad frightening. Hence, prep your children about what to expect on a ferry ride.

Remember, a well-planned trip ensures a fun and educational visit to Penguin Island. Keep these suggestions in mind to ensure a perfect family outing to this beautiful Western Australian treasure.

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