Finding Dory Movie Review (PG)

The most long awaited children's movie sequel is here - Finding Dory


Finding Dory mirrors the story line of Finding Nemo except with different contexts and of course with Dory as the main character. The stories overlap slightly and you’ll find yourself constantly thinking back to Finding Nemo. Disney Pixar? have done an amazing job of seamlessly joining the movies and making you feel like you only saw Finding Nemo for the first time a couple of years ago.

The movie starts with adorable Dory as a little one with her parents. Much like Marlin protecting Nemo when he was young in the original movie, Dory’s over protective parents are trying to prepare her for the real world.  One year on and while “helping out”  on a school excursion, one thing leads to another, Dory remembers her family and convinces Marlin to help her find them. They set off on a journey across the ocean until the humans catch Dory and take her away in a boat (sounds familiar right?).

Marlin and Nemo now need to find Dory and here we are introduced to seals with dodgy Australian accents and a psychotic bird who helps them fly to where they need to go – so once again it’s all sounding very familiar. As Dory tries to find Marlin and Nemo, then her parents and then as Dory tries to get back to her parents, Marlin and Nemo (the finding and getting lost thing did seem to go on a little longer than in Finding Nemo) you are continually left wondering how they are going to get themselves out of each seemingly impossible situation.

Enter Hank the octopus – this surprising new character who is the master of disguise who completely steals the show (make sure you hang around after the movie to see him work more of his magic in the credits). Just when you think you can’t take any more suspense wondering if Dory will ever in fact be reunited with her family, the story line is stretched so far it borders on crazy and wraps up with an explosive finish which was well worth the wait.

Finding Dory has a few good laughs (we would have liked to have seen a few more those for the adults jokes), a few sad parts and a tad more suspense and drama than Finding Nemo, but generally it’s the same warm feeling you got from Finding Nemo with a reminder about the importance of letting those you love be free while trusting in the bond that will ensure you will never be apart for too long.

Kids Around Perth gives Finding Dory 8/10

No really scary scenes * Some emotional scenes * Low Level Adult Themes * Low Level Action * Few Adult Laughs * No Coarse Language * Recommended for 2yrs+

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, June 17th 2016

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