Fun Activities for Kids in Kewdale, Western Australia | Explore the Best Things to Do with Your Children in this Suburban Gem!

A Parent’s Guide: Things to do with Kids in Kewdale, Western Australia

If you’re looking for a magical blend of fun, educational, and outdoor activities for your children, Kewdale, a suburban haven in Western Australia, is just the place. Our ultimate guide offers a remarkable array of things to do with your kids in and around this family-friendly neighbourhood. From exciting theme parks to aesthetic parks and gardens, treat your little ones to sensational experiences, both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Activities

Tom Wright Park

An ideal way to start your adventure, the expansive Tom Wright Park delivers an array of outdoor activities for your kids. Children can enjoy a thrilling time at the modern playground, replete with swings, slides, and climbing frames, while you can relax on the inviting picnic bench and enjoy the lush greenery.

Kewdale Oval

Moving on, don’t forget to visit the Kewdale Oval. This well-maintained locale offers immaculate grounds for your little sports fanatics. Whether it’s cricket, soccer, or simply a day of free play, this space is perfect for letting out some youthful energy.

Indoors and Educational Attractions

Belmont Museum

If your kids are a little older and love history, then the Belmont Museum, a short drive away from Kewdale, is a must-visit. The museum is filled with rich local stories and historical artifacts that certainly trigger thoughtful questions and spark conversations with your younger ones.

The Potters House of Christian Fellowship

On rainy days, consider going to the Potter’s House of Christian Fellowship. This community center hosts a variety of child-friendly events and workshops throughout the year. From art and craft sessions to storytelling workshops, these enjoyable activities can keep your kids engaged and entertained.

Food and Drink

Food Courts

Kewdale also features numerous family-friendly restaurants and cafes that serve a variety of delectable cuisines. Whether you’re craving Italian pizza, Chinese dim sum, or the classic Australian fish and chips, there’s something for every palate.

This is just a flavour of the fun awaiting your family in Kewdale – an impressive suburb of Western Australia that assures a spectacular time with your kids.


Beyond just being a suburb, Kewdale creates a harmonious mix of leisure, recreation, education, and gastronomic delights. These fantastic activities and destinations surely make it an amazing place for a family outing. Pack your bags and get ready to explore the wonders of Kewdale, the suburban gem of Western Australia.

Things to do with Kids in the Suburb of Kewdale Western Australia

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A Delightful Guide for Parents: Fun-filled Activities with Kids in Kewdale, Western Australia

Welcome lovely parents! If you’re on the scout for enriching, thrilling, and memorable activities for your children in the suburban paradise of Kewdale in Western Australia, you’re at the right place. Here’s your ultimate guide to fun in Kewdale, tailored just for your little ones. From invigorating outdoors to engaging educational centers, let’s head on an adventure!

Refreshing Outdoor Activities

Treat Time at Tom Wright Park

Start your day off in the realms of Mother Nature at Tom Wright Park. This extensive park offers numerous outdoor activities for your child’s delight. Let them frolic on the modern playground that features swings, slides, and climbing frames, while you unwind on the cozy picnic benches amidst the vibrant greenery.

Sports Galore at Kewdale Oval

For the tiny athletes in your family, Kewdale Oval is a must. The beautifully-maintained grounds here are just perfect for a game of cricket, soccer, or just free play! Watch as the little ones unleash their energy and revel in the joy of sports.

Indoor Wonderlands and Learning Centres

Time Travel at Belmont Museum

Got history buffs in the family? Don’t miss out on the Belmont Museum, just a short drive from Kewdale. The museum hosts an array of local historic artifacts that will pique their interest and trigger their curiosity, making for a fun-filled educational day.

Workshops at The Potters House of Christian Fellowship

When the rain Gods come calling, head to the Potter’s House of Christian Fellowship! This community center hosts a medley of child-centric events like art and craft sessions and storytelling workshops, ensuring indoor days are just as fun.

Tempting Foodie Delights

Feasting in Kewdale

To top off your fun-filled adventures, treat your family to the delectable goodies Kewdale boasts. From sizzling Italian pizza to authentic Chinese dim sum and good old Aussie fish and chips, Kewdale’s food courts have a wide variety of cuisines to tickle everyone’s taste buds.

So, that’s a sneak peek into the fun-filled world of Kewdale, where your family is bound to make memories for a lifetime.

In conclusion

Kewdale delivers a substantial blend of not only recreation and education but a multitude of fun-filled activities for the entire family. Pack up those bags and gear up to explore the boundless joys of Kewdale, the suburban crown jewel of Western Australia.

Preparing for Family Fun in Kewdale Western Australia

As a parent, it is crucial to keep your children entertained and occupied with fun and insightful activities. Fortunately, the suburb of Kewdale in Western Australia provides a rich array of kid-friendly attractions that your little ones will enjoy. So let’s dive into the top five things parents should know while preparing for such activities.

1. Kewdale’s Rich Outdoor Activities

The first thing parents need to know is that Kewdale is renowned for its beautiful parks, such as Tomato Lake and Peachey Park. Perfect for picnics, family outings, and children’s exploration. Ensure that you pack appropriate outdoor gear, nutritious snacks, sunscreen, and water to keep the kids hydrated.

2. Engaging Educational Centers

Among many things to do with kids in Kewdale, visiting educational centers can be quite insightful for both parents and children. Prepare to indulge them in learning experiences at places like the Kewdale Library, where they not only engage in reading but also participate in informative programs for kids.

3. Embrace the Local Wildlife

The proximity of Kewdale to Perth Zoo and Caversham Wildlife Park allows kids to enjoy a firsthand experience with Australia’s unique wildlife. Educate them beforehand about the animals they’re likely to spot and cultivate their respect for wildlife.

4. Fun-filled Indoor Games

Kewdale’s Zone Bowling and Delta Force Paintball are fantastic places for indoor fun. Pack comfortable and suitable clothing to endure the level of activity expected at such sites.

5. Tickle Their Taste Buds

Finally, Kewdale offers numerous kid-friendly eateries where you can enjoy delicious meals after a day filled with activities. Explore options and choose places that offer healthier meals suitable for your kids’ diet.

In conclusion, preparing for a day filled with engaging things to do with kids in the suburb of Kewdale Western Australia’s is easier when you understand what to expect. Armed with this knowledge, you can easily plan family outings that are entertaining, enlightening, and enjoyable for every member of the family.

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