Kids Cooking Classes in Perth: 23 Classes Your Child Should Take!

Activites for kids — Kids Cooking classes in Perth ! Hey there, fellow food enthusiasts and culinary adventurers! Planning to try your hands into the world of cooking with your little ones? Well, you’re in luck because we’re about to unveil the secret ingredient to unlocking their culinary potential – kids cooking classes in Perth!

Cooking classes for kids have become the ultimate playground for mini master chefs, offering a delightful mix of fun, learning, and delicious creations. From budding bakers to pint-sized pasta aficionados, these children’s cooking lessons are designed to ignite a love for food and nurture valuable skills in our aspiring young chefs.

kids cooking classes in perth -- kids activities for child in perth

So, if you’re ready to let your little ones shine as they chop, mix, and sauté their way to culinary greatness, it’s time to explore the fantastic world of kids cooking classes in Perth. Get ready for a taste bud-tantalising journey that will leave your kids hungry for more!

The Best Kids Cooking Classes in Perth

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Get those spatulas ready because this culinary adventure is about to begin! Let’s sprinkle some magic and cook up unforgettable memories together. Join us on this mouthwatering journey through the world of kids cooking classes in Perth!

So, grab your aprons and get ready to dive into a world of mouthwatering recipes, creative concoctions, and endless opportunities for gastronomic exploration. These kids culinary workshops in Perth are not your ordinary cooking classes – they’re culinary adventures filled with laughter, sprinkles of joy, and a dash of imagination – this is definitely the most sought activities for kids in Perth

Exploring the Top Kids Cooking Classes in Perth

Kids Cooking Classes – North of Perth

Sweet Artist Academy

Attention, young aspiring bakers of Perth! Sweet Artist Academy offers fun and interactive cooking classes tailored specifically for kids. If you have a passion for all things sweet and dream of creating your own edible masterpieces, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

The expert instructors will guide you through the enchanting world of baking, teaching you essential techniques, safety tips, and creative decorating skills that will make your treats truly stand out.

Sweet Artistry Kids Cooking Classes Perth

From delightful cupcakes to whimsical cookies and even charming cake designs, the classes offer a hands-on experience that guarantees a whole lot of fun and a sprinkle of magic.

So, whether you’re a seasoned junior chef or just starting your baking journey, you can join Sweet Artist Academy for an unforgettable adventure filled with sweetness and laughter. Parents, let your little ones’ creativity soar as they explore the joy of baking. Enroll your budding pastry artists today and let the baking bonanza begin!

  • Joondalup/ Mon-Sun: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Location: 133 Winton Road, Joondalup.
  • Suitable Age: Children aged 15 must be accompanied by an adult or 16 years and over.
  • Cuisine: Baking classes, including bread, cupcakes, French pastries, tarts, and more.
  • Unique Feature: Classes taught by Executive Pastry Chef Patrick, who previously owned his own patisserie.

Elementi Cooking School, Claremont

Ignite the culinary passions of young chefs in Perth!

The cooking classes for kids are specially designed to nurture creativity, develop essential kitchen skills, and instill a lifelong love for cooking and baking. Led by the team of experienced chefs, these hands-on classes provide a safe and enjoyable environment for kids to explore a variety of delicious recipes, from tasty snacks to mouthwatering desserts.

Element Kids Cooking Classes Perth

So, if your child has a curious palate and a desire to whip up delectable delights, join Elementi Cooking School and let the culinary adventure begin! Enroll now to secure a spot for your young chef and watch them blossom into kitchen wizards before your eyes.

  • Suitable Age: Designed for kids, specific age range not specified.
  • Location: 2/213 Stirling Highway, Claremont.
  • Contact Number: 0450 472 299
  • Cuisine: Baking, gnocchi, pasta, and pizza making.
  • Classes are designed to stimulate and entertain kids while they prepare dishes.

Pasta in the Valley, Swan ValleyItalian Cooking Classes in Perth

Welcome to Pasta in the Valley, a culinary haven nestled in the heart of Swan Valley, where the cooking activities invite young food enthusiasts to embark on a pasta-filled journey! The cooking classes for kids in Perth are an exciting opportunity for your little chefs to discover the art of making authentic and delicious pasta from scratch.

Pasta in valley kids cooking classes perth

If your child has a passion for pasta or simply loves to cook, you can take them to Pasta in the Valley for an enriching experience that will awaken their inner chef. Whether they’re aspiring to become future pasta masters or just looking for a fun-filled activity, the Italian kids cooking class in Perth promise to leave them with lasting memories and a newfound love for the culinary arts. Book a spot for your budding pasta enthusiast today and savor the taste of creativity and joy!

  • Suitable Age: Above 8 years.
  • Location: 2931 W Swan Rd, Caversham.
  • Cuisine: Pasta making.
  • Unique Feature: Kids can participate in a pasta-making activity and take home 500g of pasta.

The Cooking Professor, Mt HawthornBest Kids Cooking Classes in Perth

Step into the world of culinary exploration at The Cooking Professor in Mt. Hawthorn, where young food enthusiasts are invited to unleash their inner chefs!Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Mt. Hawthorn, the state-of-the-art kitchen sets the perfect stage for children to learn essential cooking skills and develop a love for the culinary arts. If your child has a passion for cooking or simply enjoys being in the kitchen, bring them to The Cooking Professor for an enriching and delectable experience!

Riki Kaspi Kids around perth
  • Suitable Age: Children aged 6 to 14 years.
  • Cuisine: Smoothies, pizza, pasta, and sushi making.
  • Unique Feature: Offers various kids’ cooking classes during school holidays.
  • Location: 267 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn.
  • Contact Number: +61411274712

The Little Italian School, Tuart HillItalian cooking classes in Perth

Benvenuti! Welcome to The Little Italian School in Tuart Hill, a place where kids can immerse themselves in the rich flavors and traditions of Italian cuisine. The cooking classes in Perth offer a unique opportunity for young chefs to learn the art of Italian cooking from scratch.

Led by the passionate and experienced Italian chefs, the classes are designed to be both educational and entertaining. Children will not only discover the secrets of making mouthwatering pasta, pizza, and delectable desserts but also gain a deeper appreciation for the culture and history behind these iconic dishes.

the little italian school kids around perth

So, if your child has a passion for Italian cuisine or simply loves to cook, enroll them in our cooking classes and let them embark on a gastronomic journey to Italy!

  • Suitable Age: Not specified.
  • Cuisine: Italian pasta making.
  • Location: Tuart Hill, Perth.
  • Contact Number: 0403 777 715
  • Offers pasta masterclasses and pasta parties for birthdays

Salt And Company, West PerthItalian Cooking Classes in Perth

A cooking paradise for the aspirant CHEFs!

Located in the heart of West Perth, Salt And Company is a haven for children who love to explore the wonders of cooking. Led by the talented chefs, these interactive classes introduce kids to a wide array of cuisines and recipes, carefully curated to suit their taste buds and inspire their culinary curiosity.

From mastering the art of baking scrumptious cookies to creating savory dishes from around the world, the classes cover a diverse range of culinary adventures. We believe in instilling a passion for fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and nurturing creativity in the kitchen.

salt company cooking school kids around perth

If your child has a zest for cooking or is eager to explore the world of flavors, join us at Salt & Company for a gastronomic journey like no other!

  • Suitable Age: Children aged between 8 and 14 years.
  • Cuisine: Italian and Spanish cuisine.
  • Location: Warehouse 1, 239 Fitzgerald Street, West Perth.
  • Contact Number: 0412 827 361
  • Classes focus on cooking cultural dishes from Italy and Spain.

Kids Cooking Classes – South of Perth

Shikisai Japanese Cooking Classes, Riverton

Where the art of Japanese cuisine comes alive for kids!

Nestled in the serene suburb of Riverton, our culinary school provides a warm and welcoming environment for children to explore the world of Japanese cooking. Led by the skilled and passionate instructors, these classes introduce kids to a wide range of authentic Japanese dishes, from sushi and bento boxes to delectable desserts like mochi and dorayaki.

Shikisai Japanese Cooking Classes Kids Around Perth

At Shikisai, tehy believe in using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to ensure the highest quality and to teach kids the importance of respecting the origins of each dish. Whether your child is a seasoned sushi lover or just starting to explore new flavors, our cooking classes cater to all skill levels and ages.

If your child has a passion for Japanese food or simply loves to cook, enroll them to Shikisai Japanese Cooking Classes for an enriching and delicious experience.

  • Suitable Age: Above 8 years. 
  • Location: 255 Corinthian Road, Riverton.
  • Contact Number:0412422071
  • Cuisine: Japanese cooking, including sushi rolls, bento boxes, and other Japanese treats.
  • Offers classes after school and during holidays, as well as sushi class birthday parties.

Little Treasure’s Education, Mount Pleasant

In our warm and friendly environment, children are encouraged to explore their creativity, experiment with flavors, and develop a sense of confidence in the kitchen. Each class is designed to be both educational and enjoyable, with plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning and fun.

Whether your child is a budding chef or just starting to explore the wonders of cooking, our classes cater to all levels of expertise. We celebrate diversity and offer a wide range of dishes to satisfy every young palate.

Little Treasurs Education Kids Around Perth

If your child has a passion for cooking or simply loves to get messy in the kitchen, bring them to Little Treasure’s Education for an enriching and delightful experience.

  • Suitable Age: Classes for mums and toddlers, as well as kids aged 6 to 12 years.
  • Cuisine: Varies based on the class.
  • Location: Swan River Rowing Club, The Esplanade, Mount Pleasant.
  • Fun and engaging workshops hosted by friendly ‘edutainers’ with classes for different age groups.

Tanya’s Cakes, Alfred Cove

Nestled in the charming neighborhood of Alfred Cove, Tanya’s Cakes is a haven for young aspiring bakers to learn the secrets behind creating delicious and beautifully decorated cakes and desserts. From baking classic cupcakes to crafting intricate cake designs, kids will have the opportunity to explore their creativity and take pride in their edible masterpieces.

tanyans kids cooking class perth

If your child has a sweet tooth and a passion for baking, bring them to Tanya’s Cakes for a delectable and enriching experience.

  • Suitable Age: Not specified.
  • Cuisine: Cake pops and cupcakes.
  • Unique Feature: Kids learn to bake and decorate their own individual cupcakes.
  • Location: 2 Rome Road, Alfred Cove.

Crocs Playcentre, Cannington

Little chefs can mix, bake, and create culinary masterpieces through our exciting kids’ cooking classes in Perth!

Crocs Playcentre provides a safe and engaging environment for kids to explore the joy of cooking. Led by the experienced instructors, these interactive classes introduce children to a variety of kid-friendly recipes, from yummy cookies to savory snacks.

kids cooking classes kids around perth

Whether your child is a mini foodie or a novice in the kitchen, our kids’ cooking classes cater to all skill levels and ages. Each class is designed to be inclusive and enjoyable, fostering a love for cooking that will last a lifetime.

So, if your child has a curious palate and a desire to learn, you can enroll them to Crocs Playcentre for a culinary journey filled with laughter, friendship, and delicious surprises.

  • Suitable Age: Not specified.
  • Cuisine: Pizza making and cookie decorating.
  • Location: Crocs Cannington, Albany Highway, Beckenham.
  • Offers baking parties with exclusive access to the baking room.

Cooking Class Perth: Cooking Events Happening for Kids Every Weekend

1) Cupcake Decorating Workshop

  • Organiser: Sweetpea Custom Cakes
  • Location: Atwell, WA
  • – Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Price: AU$70.00
  • Categories: Art Classes, Craft Classes, Cooking Classes, Baking Classes

2) Cookie cake

  • Organiser: Sweet Artist Academy
  • Location: Joondalup, WA
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: Special Offer from AU$272.00
  • Category: Cooking Classes

3) Gourmet Delights Cheese Making Course

  • Organiser: The Cheese Maker
  • Location: Doubleview, WA
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Price: $297.00
  •  Categories: Sustainability Courses, Baking Classes, Cheese Making Classes, Cooking Classes

4)  In Fashion Cake

  • Organiser: Sweet Artist Academy
  • Location: Joondalup, WA
  • Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Price: AU$165.00
  • Categories: Cooking Classes, Professional Development Classes, Baking Classes

5) Sweet yeast Pastries

  • Organiser: Sweet Artist Academy
  • Location: Joondalup, WA
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: AU$165
  • Categories: Sustainability Courses, Cooking Classes, Baking Classes

Online Cooking Classes for Kids in Perth Happening Every Month

Cooking classes for kids in Perth every other month. If you are unable to take your children to physical classes, here you are, you can make your kid attend online cooking session! You can check the list and enroll your kids in the classes that they are interested in! You can explore your close destination & get your kids started with the cooking activities.

1) Learn How to Bake Alfajores Biscuits

  • Hosted by Margot & Montanez
  • Live via Zoom
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Categories: DIY Classes, Cooking Classes, Baking Classes
  • Price: From AU$99

2) Cookie cake

  • Hosted by Sweet Artist Academy
  • Location: Joondalup, WA
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Categories: Cooking Classes
  • Livestream available
  • Price: AU$165

3) Artisan Muffins Online Course Plus Bonus Zoom

  • Hosted by Bec’s Table Cooking School
  • Live via Zoom
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Category: Cooking Classes, Baking Classes
  • Price: AU$22

4) Making your own sourdough bread

  • Hosted by Sweet Artist Academy
  • Location: Joondalup, WA
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Categories: Cooking Classes, Baking Classes
  • Livestream available
  • Price: AU$165

5)  Sweet yeast Pastries

  • Hosted by Sweet Artist Academy
  • Location: Joondalup, WA
  • Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Categories: Sustainability Courses, Cooking Classes, Baking Classes
  • Livestream available
  • Price: AU$165

6) In Vogue Cakes

  • Hosted by Sweet Artist Academy
  • Location: Joondalup, WA
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Categories: Cooking Classes, Baking Classes
  • Price: AU$165

7) Who doesn’t like Nouga

  • Hosted by Sweet Artist Academy
  • Location: Joondalup, WA
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Additional dates available
  • Categories: Baking Classes, Cooking Classes
  • Price: AU$165

8) Short class Macaron

  • Hosted by Sweet Artist Academy
  • Location: Joondalup, WA
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Categories: Cooking Classes, Baking Classes
  • Price: AU$165

Tips for Choosing the Right Kids Cooking Class

Finding the perfect kids’ cooking class can be an exciting and rewarding experience for your child. Here are some tips to help you choose the right culinary program:

Consider your child’s age

Look for classes that are specifically designed for your child’s age group. Younger kids may benefit from classes that focus on basic cooking skills and simple recipes, while older kids can explore more advanced techniques and cuisines.

Assess your child’s interest

Take into account your child’s culinary interests. Do they enjoy baking, international cuisines, or healthy cooking? Look for classes that align with their preferences to keep them engaged and motivated. Check if your child is actually interested to take on the italian cooking classes in Perth or other culinary classes!

christmas cookies 2261480 640

Check the class curriculum

Review the class curriculum to ensure it covers a variety of cooking techniques and recipes. A well-rounded program should introduce basic skills, diverse ingredients, and different cooking methods to provide a comprehensive culinary education.

Consider the class size

Find out the maximum number of participants in each class. Smaller class sizes allow for more individual attention and interaction, enabling your child to receive personalised instruction and guidance from the instructor.

Inquire about safety measures

Safety should be a top priority. Ask about the safety protocols and measures implemented by the cooking school, such as proper handling of ingredients, use of age-appropriate equipment, and adherence to hygiene practices.

Read reviews and testimonials

Look for reviews or testimonials from other parents and students who have attended the cooking classes. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the quality of instruction, class atmosphere, and overall satisfaction.

Consider the location and schedule

Choose a cooking class that is conveniently located and fits well with your child’s schedule. Consider the distance you need to travel and whether the class times are suitable for your family’s routine.

Discuss dietary restrictions

If your child has any dietary restrictions or allergies, communicate these with the cooking school to ensure they can accommodate their needs and provide suitable alternatives if necessary.

Assess the instructor’s expertise

Research the qualifications and experience of the instructors. Look for culinary professionals who have relevant expertise and a passion for teaching kids.

Seek recommendations

Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or local parenting groups who have enrolled their children in cooking classes. Personal recommendations can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.

By considering these tips, you can find the right kids cooking class that aligns with your child’s age, interests, and culinary aspirations, providing them with a fun and educational culinary experience.

kochkurs 5020699 640

Cooking Fun at Home: Simple Recipes to Try with Your Budding Chefs

In addition to enrolling your child in kids’ cooking classes, you can also ignite their passion for cooking by trying simple recipes at home. Here are a few kid-friendly recipes that you can enjoy cooking together:

  • Homemade Pizza: Let your child unleash their creativity by making their own pizza from scratch. Prepare the dough together and let them choose their favourite toppings to create their personalised masterpiece.
  • Fruit Salad Parfaits: Encourage healthy eating habits by making colourful and refreshing fruit salad parfaits. Let your child assist in chopping the fruits and layering them in glasses or bowls. It’s a fun and nutritious treat!
  • Mini Pancakes: Start the day with a delightful breakfast by making mini pancakes. Your child can help measure the ingredients, mix the batter, and even decorate the pancakes with their favourite toppings like berries or chocolate chips.
  • Veggie Wraps: Promote a love for veggies by preparing delicious veggie wraps. Let your child choose their preferred vegetables, spread some hummus or cream cheese on a tortilla, and roll it up for a nutritious and satisfying meal.
  • Banana Bread: Baking banana bread is a fantastic way to introduce your child to baking. They can mash the bananas, measure the ingredients, and mix everything together. The aroma of freshly baked banana bread will fill your home with warmth and delight.

Conclusion: Ignite Your Child’s Passion for Cooking with Kids Cooking Classes in Perth

By enrolling your child in kids cooking classes and exploring cooking fun at home, you can ignite their passion for cooking, nurture their creativity, and develop their culinary skills. Perth offers a variety of culinary programs and workshops designed specifically for children, allowing them to learn and explore the world of food in a safe and engaging environment.

From Sweet Artist Academy and Elementi Cooking School to The Cooking Professor and Salt And Company, these top cooking schools provide a range of classes tailored to different ages and interests. Whether your child dreams of becoming a pastry chef, enjoys experimenting with international flavours or wants to have fun in the kitchen, there’s a cooking class in Perth to suit their needs.

So, unleash your child’s culinary potential, foster their love for food and nutrition, and let them embark on a flavorful journey of discovery. With the right guidance and encouragement, who knows what delicious creations your budding chef may whip up in the kitchen!



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