The 7 Best Strawberry Picking in Perth

Pick your own strawberries at these Perth strawberry picking farms north and south of the river

The Best Strawberry Picking in Perth for Kids

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to taste pure happiness? If you’ve ever watched your kids sink their teeth into a plump, juicy strawberry and witnessed their eyes light up with delight, then you probably know the answer. There’s something truly magical about this vibrant red fruit, and the best way to experience it is by plucking it fresh from the strawberry plants.

In Perth, we’re fortunate to have a fantastic opportunity that not only lets you enjoy these delectable delights but also brings your family closer together. 

Imagine spending a sunny day outdoors, surrounded by rows of strawberry plants, as your children eagerly search for the ripest, juiciest strawberries. It’s a new activity that promises not only delicious rewards but also quality bonding time.

Strawberry farms in Perth offer a range of experiences, each more tempting than the last. You can find yourself exploring beautiful rural locations, savouring a delightful café experience, or even combining the fruits of your labour with a thrilling bake-off. 

And if you’re a fan of keeping things simple, there’s always the option to enjoy those strawberries au naturel, perhaps with a generous scoop of ice cream to sweeten the deal.

The Best Strawberry Picking in Perth

So, why not step outside and create lasting memories with your loved ones? Strawberry picking is not just about harvesting nature’s candy; it’s an adventure waiting to be savoured. And here’s a little secret: it’s not just a summer treat; it’s a great idea for school holidays too!

Before you head out, keep in mind that strawberry picking is a highly seasonal activity. It’s always a good idea to double-check when these farms are open, but trust us, the effort is well worth the reward. 

Ready to embark on this delightful journey? Below, we’ve rounded up a few excellent options to get you started on your strawberry-picking escapade in Perth.

Lena Strawberry Farm

Do you know what the best part about strawberry picking is? It’s that pure, unadulterated joy of plucking those luscious red gems right out of the vine and popping them into your mouth. It’s like tasting a piece of heaven, and Lena’s Strawberry Farm in Anketell, located at 1021 Thomas Road, is where this fruity fantasy comes true.

For just $20 a box and with free entry, Lena’s is a hot favourite among strawberry enthusiasts. But here’s the catch – they’re open only on selected weekends. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all for the sake of the strawberries. They need their time to regrow and trust us, it’s worth the wait.

When the end of winter rolls around, Lena’s typically opens its doors to eager pickers. But, and it’s a big but, keep an eye on their Facebook page for updated opening times. Mother Nature and fruit supply have a say in this, so it’s always best to double-check.

Parking is a breeze, either right at the farm or along Thomas Road. And here’s the cherry on top: the picking field is conveniently close to the parking area and the shed. No long treks with little ones in tow! 

As you step in, grab as many trays as you need from the packing shed. They even provide trolleys if your strawberry haul turns into a full-blown berry bonanza.

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And don’t worry about getting lost in a sea of strawberries. There are signs that point you to the prime picking spots for the day. The strawberries are so red; it’s like they were painted by nature herself, and the aroma is simply heavenly. The first berry plucked? Well, that’s a taste you simply can’t resist, and it will definitely get a big thumbs-up from the kids.

Once your tray is brimming with these red treasures, head back to the packing shed. The friendly folks there will transfer your loot into a box. But here’s the cool part – you can bring your own box or bag for no extra charge.

But it’s not just about fun and fruity delights; strawberry picking teaches kids to appreciate where their food comes from and the hard work that goes into growing and harvesting it. 

Sure, you could grab a pack from the supermarket, but there’s nothing quite like these fully vine-ripened strawberries. They’re red all the way to the top, and that, my friend, is pure strawberry heaven.

So, whether you’re a strawberry aficionado or just looking for a day of family fun, Lena’s Strawberry Farm is the place to be. It’s an adventure that’s as sweet as the berries themselves, and it’s waiting for you to take a bite of nature’s candy.

Kiens Strawberry Farm 

Want to sink your teeth into the freshest strawberries of the season? Well, look no further than Kiens Strawberry Farm in Gnangara! These guys have been growing those ruby-red gems for over two decades, and they’ve got a berrylicious deal for you.

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Picture this: You can choose between buying ready-to-eat strawberry boxes or becoming a strawberry explorer yourself by picking your own. And guess what? They were one of the first farms to open this season, so you’re in for a fruity adventure!

For just $15 a box, you’ll have strawberries to last you an eternity (well, almost). But that’s not all – Kiens isn’t just about strawberries. They’ve got other fresh goodies like garlic bunches for just $5. Now, that’s a tasty bonus!

To catch them in action, keep a regular eye on their FB page for updates on their next open day. You’ll find Kiens Strawberry Farm at Lot 11, 360 Badgerup Rd, Gnangara. It’s not just a farm; it’s a strawberry paradise waiting for you to dive in. So, grab your basket and let’s go strawberry hunting!

Sue & Tim’s Strawberry Farm

Ready to dive into the world of fresh, juicy strawberries? Well, hold onto your berry-loving hats because we’ve got another delightful spot for you: Sue & Tim’s Strawberry Farm in Gnangara! 

These folks are no small players; they’re the strawberry giants of the region. Can you say berrylicious? It’s a must-stop for anyone with a soft spot for these ruby-red wonders.


Here’s the scoop: It’s a cash-only place, so make sure to bring some green with you. But don’t worry, the strawberry boxes won’t break the bank, and they’ve been as low as $13 in previous seasons. 

These boxes are big enough for you and the kids to go wild, picking enough to make jams, pies, or just munch on with a sprinkle of sugar – pure strawberry bliss! 

Now, here’s a little heads-up: This place gets pretty busy, so it’s a smart move to plan ahead. And speaking of planning, don’t forget to slap on some sunscreen. We don’t want any berry lovers turning into strawberries themselves!

Sue & Tim’s Strawberry Farm is waiting for you at 157 Badgerup Road, Gnangara. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make some strawberry memories!

 Hoang Le’s Strawberries

Looking for the absolute best strawberries of the season? Well, hold onto your strawberry hats because we’ve got a sweet spot for you right in Wanneroo! This place is a family’s dream come true, especially if you’re eager to pick your own strawberries.

Picture this: You and your crew can roll up to this strawberry wonderland in July and August, and for just $15, you get a whole box of strawberry goodness. That’s right, an entire box! It’s like strawberry heaven on earth.

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But here’s the real treat – the staff here are as friendly as can be, making your strawberry-picking adventure even more fantastic. And guess what? It’s not just strawberries; you can pick other fruits too! So, it’s not just a fun day out; it’s also an educational one for the whole family.

Now, here’s the insider tip: keep a close eye on their FB page for updates on hours and availability. And if you want to plan your visit like a pro, reach out to them in advance.

You’ll find this berrylicious haven at 120 Trichet Road, Wanneroo. So, are you ready to pluck the best strawberries of the season and make some sweet memories?

H&N Strawberries

Oh, are you ready for a strawberry adventure that’ll make your fruit palate dance with joy? Look no further than H&N Strawberries in Gnangara! These strawberries are so juicy and red that they practically scream, “Come and get us!” Trust us, one glance, and you’ll be sprinting to your car to hit the road.

They’re open bright and early at 8 AM, and they keep the strawberry party going until they’re all sold out. And guess what? A box of these ruby treasures is just $15 each. But if you’re feeling extra fruity, you can also grab one of their enormous pre-picked boxes for $25. It’s like hitting the fruity jackpot!

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But hold on to your strawberry hat because there’s more. H&N Strawberries isn’t just about strawberries; they’ve got a treasure trove of local produce waiting for you. We’re talking blueberries, oranges, garlic, ginger, avocados, mangoes, and cucumbers – a whole fruity fiesta!

You’ll find this fruity wonderland at 44 Joyce Road, Gnangara. So, are you ready to snag the best strawberries of the season with some other fruity bonuses? It’s a fruit lover’s dream come true!

 Pick your own Strawberries

Are you ready to embark on the ultimate strawberry-picking adventure and save big while having a blast? Look no further than Ti Farm in Bullsbrook! These folks know how to make strawberry season the most exciting time of the year.

Now, here’s the deal: Ti Farm is all set to make your weekends super fruity. They swing their barn doors open from Friday through Sunday, but you’ll need to keep an eye on their FB Page to know exactly when the strawberry bonanza begins – usually around October/November.

And here’s the juicy part – it’ll cost you just $10 per tray, and that’s around 5 kilograms of strawberries! But that’s not all – for just $2 per person, you get entry to the strawberry wonderland, and here’s the kicker: you can munch on all the strawberries you want while you pick. Now that’s what we call a berry good deal!

Oh, one more thing – don’t forget to bring cash. It’s the strawberry currency at Ti Farm.

Ti Farm is where the strawberry magic happens, and you can find it at 263 Old West Rd, Bullsbrook. So, are you ready for the best strawberries of the season, a pocket-friendly adventure, and a day of strawberry fun?

Minh Tran’s Strawberry Farm 

Are you ready to savour the absolute best-looking and best-tasting strawberries of the season? Well, guess what? You don’t have to travel far; just head on over to Minh Tran’s Strawberry Farm in Neerabup!

Now, here’s the scoop: These berries are like little drops of summer magic, just waiting for you to pick them. And you can do it your way. Want pre-packed boxes? They’ve got ’em, starting at just $13. Feeling the pick-your-own vibe? Well, you’re in luck because it’s only $10 to fill your basket with the juiciest strawberries you can find.

But that’s not all – Minh Tran’s Strawberry Farm is all about making your weekend berry special. They throw their gates wide open from 8:30 AM to 3 PM almost every weekend. It’s like a strawberry paradise that’s just a car ride away!

And here’s the icing on the strawberry cake – by supporting local growers like Minh Tran, you’re not just getting top-notch strawberries, you’re also giving a high-five to your community.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for a berry-tastic and fun-filled day at Minh Tran’s Strawberry Farm. Let’s go make some strawberry memories!

Grab Your Basket, and Let’s Go Berry Crazy! ?

Now that you know where to find Perth’s best strawberry-picking spots, why not plan an amazing adventure with your kids this weekend?

Imagine the excitement as you all head out together, armed with sunscreen and big smiles, ready to explore the strawberry fields. It’s a chance to create delicious memories, share some laughs, and fill your baskets with the freshest, juiciest strawberries you’ve ever tasted. 

Don’t wait any longer! The strawberry-picking fun is just a short drive away, waiting for your family to join in. So, grab your baskets, and let’s have a berry good time!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What months can you strawberry pick in Perth?

Perth’s strawberry picking season blooms in spring, aligning perfectly with the October school break for a bountiful experience. As summer arrives, you can enjoy plum and cherry picking, and for delectable, seedless mangoes, visit Perth Mango Farm during February and March.

2. Is it strawberry season in Perth?

Spring graces Perth, Western Australia, with the cherished tradition of strawberry picking. This fragrant and sweet experience can be enjoyed from September to late December in the city and its beautiful surroundings.

3. In what areas around Perth are strawberries grown?

Around 170 hectares in Western Australia, primarily in the East Wanneroo, Carabooda, and Bullsbrook regions north of Perth, are dedicated to strawberry cultivation. These areas not only cater to local demand but also contribute to approximately 80% of Australia’s strawberry exports.

4. How long is strawberry season in Perth?

Spring in Perth, Western Australia, offers a charming opportunity to partake in the timeless tradition of strawberry picking. Between September and December, the city and its environs blossom into a fragrant paradise of sweetness.

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