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The Best Amusement Parks Perth – In and Near Perth

Find the best Amusement Parks Perth with this awesome guide!

Picture this: it’s a sunny Saturday morning, and you’re sitting in your cosy living room, sipping a cup of coffee and trying to catch a moment of peace. But suddenly, your kids burst into the room, full of excitement and energy, screaming at the top of their lungs. “Mummy, Daddy, take us out for an amazing adventure! We want to go to an amusement park!”

You can feel their tiny hands tugging at your sleeves, their eyes shining with anticipation, and their giggles filling the air. How can you resist those pleading eyes? It’s impossible to say no to such contagious enthusiasm. 

And so, you find yourself grinning, caught up in their infectious excitement, ready to embark on a family escapade filled with adrenaline-pumping thrills and laughter.

Ah, the thought of going high on roller coasters that twist and turn like a wild tornado, feeling the wind rush through your hair as you scream with delight. The idea of plunging down water slides, splashing into refreshing pools, and embracing the thrill of water adventures together with your little ones sounds like the perfect recipe for a day filled with boundless joy.

But as parents, you know that the key to an unforgettable amusement park experience lies not only in the adrenaline rush but in finding a place where both you and your kids can have the time of your lives. It’s about cherishing every moment, creating memories that will be etched in your hearts forever.

The Best Amusement Parks Perth, Water Parks and Theme Parks Perth

Now, the big question is, which amusement park should you choose? With so many options in and near Perth, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. 

But fear not! We’ve got you covered. We’ve carefully curated a list of the best amusement parks, each offering unique experiences and attractions suitable for kids of all ages and, let’s be honest, adults too!

Imagine witnessing the joy on your child’s face as they conquer their fears and try new rides or the thrill of bonding over shared adventures, hand in hand as a family. From traditional theme parks with classic charm to cutting-edge attractions that will leave you breathless, there’s something for everyone in our handpicked selection.

So, put on your adventurous spirit, fasten your seatbelts (both figuratively and literally), and get ready to dive headfirst into a world of excitement and laughter. Our article on “Best Amusement Parks In and Near Perth” is your ultimate guide to crafting the perfect day of fun-filled magic with your kids.

Whether you’re a seasoned amusement park enthusiast or a first-timer, we’ve got all the details you need to make an informed decision for an unforgettable experience. So let’s make this a day to remember – one where you and your kids can scream with delight, laugh until your cheeks hurt, and bring smiles to your faces for years to come. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Perth’s Outback Splash

Do you love a good adventure? If you’re up for an a-MAZE-ing day out in Perth, look no further than the Outback Splash family fun park in Bullsbrook! Oh yes, you heard that right – a place where fun knows no bounds and excitement is the name of the game!

Just 30 min drive away from the city, Outback Splash is the stuff of dreams, a paradise for families craving a day of pure joy and adrenaline-fueled escapades.

Now, let me tell you about the heart and soul of this magnificent wonderland – the mazes! Trust me, they’re not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill mazes. No, no, no! These mazes are designed to boggle the minds of both young and old. The timber maze, oh boy, it’s like wandering through a labyrinth of bewilderment. Every twist and turn might lead you astray, and getting lost in the maze is all part of the thrill!

But fear not, for the reward at the end is oh-so-sweet! Reach the towering vantage point, and you’ll be granted the ultimate view of the maze – the perfect opportunity to play hero and guide your bamboozled friends to safety. 

And, oh, did we mention the slide? Whoosh down the slippery slide from the tower’s summit and feel the rush of exhilaration coursing through your veins. Trust me; you’ll be racing back to the top for another round!

Perth's Outback Splash

Feeling brave? Take on the traditional hedge maze, the only one of its kind in Perth! This verdant labyrinth is a challenge waiting to be conquered, and you’ll find yourself navigating through the greenery, racing your friends to victory.

Oh, but the mazes don’t end there! Prepare for brain teasers that’ll test your wits to the max. Can you imagine making turns with just one hand, either right or left, to reach the elusive end? It’s a puzzle worth cracking!

And here’s the cherry on top – the entire park is a utopia for families. Lush green spaces beckon you to spread out your picnic blanket, and the shaded play area is perfect for little adventurers to frolic. Swing, climb, slide, and see-saw to your heart’s content!

Feeling hungry? Grab a delicious bite at the Burger Bar, with seating under shade sails on the outside deck. And when you’re ready to make furry new friends, head to the Koala enclosure. Those adorable marsupials might be snoozing or munching on gum leaves, but they’ll steal your heart nonetheless!

Oh, but that’s not all! If you can’t get enough of the park’s delights, you’re in for a treat. Outback Splash is open all year round, offering non-stop family fun with mini-golf, sensory play activities, a giant garden chess game, and more!

But wait, there’s more! When the warmer months roll in, brace yourselves for an aquatic adventure like no other. The waterplay heaven at Outback Splash will leave you and your little ones laughing, splashing, and creating unforgettable memories. Waterslides, water playgrounds, and the Octopus Bay Splash Zone await!

So, dear parents, grab your kids, buckle up for excitement, and head to Perth’s Outback Splash for a day of unforgettable thrills, laughter, and cherished family moments. This place isn’t just a park; it’s a treasure trove of happiness waiting to be discovered. Embrace the adventure, feel the magic, and let the fun begin!

Adventure World

Calling all adventurous families of Perth! Get ready to dive headfirst into a world of excitement and wonder at Adventure World, the iconic theme and water park that promises to make your hearts race and your laughter echo through the air!

Imagine a place where beautifully landscaped gardens and lawns come alive with over 25 rides and attractions, each one a gateway to thrilling adventures and magical memories. 

Whether you’re a daredevil seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush or a parent looking to create lasting moments with your little ones, Adventure World has it all!

Hold on tight as you embark on a wild journey aboard the world-class Goliath, Abyss, and Kraken rides. These gems of excitement will leave you breathless, with heart-pounding thrills at every turn. 

But that’s not all – Adventure World boasts the longest, biggest, and steepest funnel water slide on the entire planet! Brace yourself for a water-fueled plunge like no other as you whoosh down this monumental masterpiece of aquatic exhilaration.

Best Amusement Parks In and Near Perth

Parents fret not! Getting to this paradise of fun is a breeze, as Adventure World is easily accessible via public transport. No need to worry about the logistics; just hop on board and let the adventure begin!

But let’s talk about the most important aspect – the food! Adventure World has truly outdone itself with an exciting new menu of quality food and drinks, catering to every taste and preference. 

From mouthwatering vegetarian and gluten-free options to healthy treats that will delight even the tiniest taste buds, rest assured that no one will leave the park with an empty stomach!

Oh, and the rides! Get ready to take on the Rocky Mountains Rapids, the Tunnel of Terror, and the Dragon Express. Each one will take you on a thrilling journey, leaving you with laughter and smiles that are simply contagious.

And did we mention the Aussie Wildlife Experience? Get up close and personal with the unique and fascinating creatures of Australia. From furry marsupials to colourful birds, this encounter with wildlife will be a memory etched in your hearts forever.

Adventure World is more than just a park; it’s a promise of happiness, joy, and unforgettable moments. The team is dedicated to providing you and your family with top-notch customer service, ensuring that every aspect of your visit is nothing short of magical.

So, fellow parents, pack your sense of adventure, gather your little explorers, and make your way to Adventure World – where excitement knows no bounds and happiness reigns supreme. 

This is not just a theme park; it’s a gateway to a world of fun, laughter, and cherished memories. Get ready to make the most of every moment because Adventure World is waiting to welcome you with open arms!

The Waterslides Cockburn Arc

Hey there, thrill-seeking families of Perth! Are you ready to take on a water adventure like no other? Look no further than The Waterslides Cockburn ARC – the ultimate fun-filled oasis for kids and adults alike!

Picture this: you walk into the Cockburn ARC Centre, and a world of excitement awaits you. From the moment you step foot in this aquatic wonderland, you know you’re in for a day of pure joy and laughter. 

And hey, parents, don’t worry – they’ve got you covered too! With a ceiling hoist in the adult change facility, ensuring accessibility for all, this place truly caters to everyone’s needs.

The Waterslides Cockburn Arc

Now, let’s get to the heart of the action – the waterslides! Hold onto your hats as you climb and drop down from the walls of an enormous cavern. It’s like diving into an adrenaline-pumping whirlwind of adventure! 

And oh, the yellow pipeline ride – a wild and thrilling journey that will send you looping and bending with delight. Get ready to scream, laugh, and make unforgettable memories with your friends and family!

Parents, you’ll be happy to know that The Waterslides Cockburn ARC is the ultimate destination for a day of fun with your little ones. Gather the whole gang and head to Cockburn Central because this place is where the magic happens. 

From swimming lessons to a variety of pool access options, they’ve thought of everything to ensure everyone can join in on the aquatic fun!

And let’s not forget the price – an absolute steal for the epic experiences that await you! For kids, aquatics and waterslides are just $7.05. Can you believe it? 

An entire day of non-stop excitement for such a pocket-friendly price – now that’s what we call a family adventure!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your swimsuits, grab your sense of adventure, and make your way to The Waterslides Cockburn ARC. It’s time to dive into a world of joy, laughter, and splash-tastic memories. 

Whether you’re sliding down the thrilling waterslides, challenging yourself on the tumbler, or simply enjoying the warm waters of the pool, this place is a haven of happiness for kids and adults alike.

Get ready to make a splash, laugh until your cheeks hurt, and create cherished memories with your loved ones. The Waterslides Cockburn ARC is calling – will you answer the call? See you there!

Swan Valley Adventure Centre

Want a different Theme Park experience? Go to Swan Valley Adventure Centre! This is not your typical theme park; it’s a thrilling oasis where adrenaline-pumping action and breathtaking natural beauty come together in perfect harmony!

Located on sprawling 89 pristine acres in the enchanting Swan Valley, this place is a haven for corporate conferences and camps that are like no other. 

And guess what? It’s just minutes away from the bustling Perth CBD – an adventure that’s close to home yet feels like a world away.

Swan Valley Adventure Centre

Are you ready for an unforgettable escape? Choose your adventure, whether it’s a day of heart-pounding activities, an overnight thrill-fest, or a few days of non-stop fun. 

With a plethora of air, land, and water activities to choose from, you and your group will be spoiled for choice!

Feeling daring? Take on the high ropes, abseiling, and rock-climbing challenges that will push your limits and leave you feeling invincible. 

Want to feel the rush of the water? Hop on a canoe, build a raft, or kayak your way through exhilarating water adventures. The options are endless, and the excitement is contagious!

And don’t worry about accommodations – the Centre has got you covered with six heritage-listed houses, three of which are wheelchair accessible. 

With a capacity to accommodate up to 294 overnight visitors, you can rest easy knowing that your group will have a comfortable and welcoming space to unwind after a day of adventure.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Skilled instructors will guide you through an array of activities, from mountain biking to archery, orienteering to team-building challenges. And guess what? There’s even a wheelchair-accessible high ropes course, ensuring that everyone can partake in the thrill of the action!

The best part? You can personalise and customise your adventure package to cater to everyone’s activity level and appetite for adrenaline. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a first-time thrill-seeker, there’s something for everyone at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge into this captivating world of adventure and nature. Call the venue for a free VIP site tour, and get ready to embark on an experience that will leave you talking about it for years to come. 

It’s time to unleash your inner explorer, bond with your team, and discover the magic of Swan Valley Adventure Centre – where adventure and nature dance in perfect harmony! See you there!

Perth Aqua Park

Are you ready to conquer the ultimate inflatable wonderland? Brace yourself for a wet and wild adventure like no other at Perth Aqua Park! 

With over 100 interconnected obstacles, racing slides, and climbing walls, this floating fun park promises non-stop laughter and excitement for everyone – kids, adults, and thrill-seeking teams alike! So, are you up for the challenge? Dive in and let the aquatic adventure begin!

Picture this: you and your friends racing down the 3-lane course, feeling the rush of excitement as you challenge each other to be the first to conquer the obstacles. Launch yourself down the slides, feel the water splashing around you, and embrace the thrill of the ride. 

And oh, the climbing walls – a challenge waiting to be conquered! Are you up for it?

Perth Aqua Park

But hey, it’s not just for the kids; Perth Aqua Park is a playground for all ages! Whether you’re a parent seeking family fun, a sporting team in need of a unique fitness activity, or a corporate group looking for a team-building experience, this place has got you covered. It’s the perfect idea for an end-of-year function that will have everyone talking for years to come.

Don’t worry about safety – the friendly team of lifeguards is always on patrol, ensuring that you can enjoy every moment worry-free. So, parents, sit back, relax, and watch as your kids embark on an aquatic adventure like no other.

Sessions are 50 minutes long – the perfect amount of time to immerse yourself in the excitement and laughter. And hey, if you’ve got energy to spare, why not go for a double session? Trust us; you won’t want the fun to end!

Now, for the ultimate tip – book online to secure your spot and avoid any disappointment. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience that promises to be the highlight of your summer!

Conveniently located at Perth Wake Park in Baldivis, just 30 minutes south of the CBD at the Mundijong Rd freeway exit, this floating fun park is the ultimate destination for water-loving adventurers in Perth.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, pack your swimwear, and get ready to make a splash at Perth Aqua Park! It’s time to embrace the adventure, challenge yourself, and create memories that will have you smiling for years to come. See you on the inflatable playground!

Kalamunda Water Park

Looking for the perfect way to beat the scorching summer heat and have a splashing good time? Look no further than the Kalamunda Water Park – your go-to destination for an exciting and affordable family adventure on those scorching hot days!

Picture this: a 50-metre Olympic-sized swimming pool, wading pool, and a special toddlers’ pool – all at your disposal for a day of aqua-filled fun with your little ones. But hold on, the excitement doesn’t end there! Brace yourself for the ultimate adrenaline rush as you take on not one but two thrilling tube slides that will have you screaming with delight!

First up, they have the Zig Zag waterslide – a twisty, turny adventure that’ll throw you about every which way, leaving you laughing and screaming with joy all the way down! It’s slow, it’s long, and it’s an absolute blast for kids of all ages (yes, even the young-at-heart adults!).

Kalamunda Water Park

And then, prepare yourself for the dizzying excitement of the Corkscrew waterslide – a fast-paced tube slide that’ll leave you breathless and begging for more! The turns get tighter, the speed gets faster, and the excitement reaches its peak as you hold on for dear life and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime.

But that’s not all, folks! When it’s time to take a break from all the water action, you can head to the fully catered kiosk and refuel with some delicious treats. And if you’re planning a school excursion or a swimming birthday party, the Kalamunda Water Park has you covered with manicured, shaded grassed areas to host your special event.

So, gather your little water warriors, put on your swimsuits, and get ready for a day of fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories at Kalamunda Water Park. It’s the perfect way to make the most of those hot summer days and create cherished moments with your loved ones. So, dive in, slide down, and let the aquatic adventure begin! See you at the water park!

Ready to Make a Splash? Your Ultimate Theme Park Adventure in Perth Awaits!

Now that we’ve spilled the secrets to the most amazing theme park adventures in Perth, there’s no time to waste! Grab your little adventurers, pack your sense of excitement, and get ready for a day of laughter, thrills, and unforgettable memories.

From the heart-pounding roller coasters at Amusement Parks in and near Perth to the wild water slides at Outback Splash and the floating inflatable fun at Perth Aqua Park, there’s a world of excitement waiting for you and your family. 

Whether you’re seeking the adrenaline rush of high ropes and climbing walls at Swan Valley Adventure Centre or the splash-tastic fun of Kalamunda Water Park, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

No more searching, no more indecision – we’ve done the hard work for you, and now the only thing left to do is embark on the adventure of a lifetime! So why wait? Make this summer the most memorable one yet by treating your kids to a day of pure joy and exhilaration.

Don’t miss out on these incredible theme park experiences; they are just a short drive away, waiting to whisk you away to a world of fun and excitement. Gather your little ones, your friends, and your family, and let the adventures begin!

Get ready to scream, laugh, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Click that mouse, make those bookings, and prepare for the ultimate thrill ride – right here in Perth!

Are you up for the challenge? The fun and excitement await – grab your tickets, buckle up, and let the adventures begin! See you at the theme parks, parents and kids, and get ready to experience the magic of Perth’s finest amusement parks. Get set for an unforgettable summer filled with laughter, fun, and endless excitement!

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