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  • Are you new to parenting?
  • Or perhaps new looking for a new?
  • Are you keen to know all the best things to do and places to go with kids in Perth?
  • Maybe you’re not sure where to get started?
  • Do you love to spend time outdoors and enjoy exploring?

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The Story of Hello Kids Fun

Hello Kids Fun is proud to be one of the go-to places for parents to find great adventures for their kids. Hello Kids Fun supports thousands of families to have great adventures, outings and connect parents with the many great businesses around the world.

The Hello Kids Fun team prides itself on saving parents time, while supporting the many great small businesses we love to use everyday.

Through bringing joy to our kids, we brighten the world every day!

Hello Kids Fun started life in 2011 as Kids Around Perth, with founder and super-mum Lauren started documenting great adventures for kids around the city.

Kids Around Perth was welcomed into the Boobobutt Family of kids activity fun in 2022. Since then Boobobutt has been working hard to continue the great legacy built by Lauren in Perth and around Australia, and is on a mission to make Kids Around Perth the go to site for Perth parents.

Happy Exploring!

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