Best activities for kids and grandparents

As a parent, you’re constantly looking for ways for your kids to bond with their grandparents. Whilst finding activities that appeal to all ages can seem like a challenge, there are plenty of methods for ensuring that quality time is spent by the most important people in your life.

Read on for the best activities to encourage your children and grandparents to spend quality time with each other.

Best activities for kids and grandparents – Baking

Baking is a timeless activity that can easily involve young children and senior citizens alike. Simple recipes such as cookies or cakes have little barrier for entry. This makes it the perfect activity for intergenerational bonding. 

As an activity localised within a kitchen, even seniors with limited mobility can participate without much difficulty. This makes baking the perfect choice for an intergenerational bonding activity.

activities for kids and grandparents

Cooking class

Maybe your parents don’t have too much talent in the kitchen to show off. No worries! A cooking class can be loads of fun for all ages.

There are plenty of cooking classes around catering to all age groups, including children. Get the whole family involved and you might be enjoying delicious meals very soon!

Board games and card games

Let your parents showcase their love of classic board games and card games, and share this passion with your children. Endless hours of entertainment can be had seated around the table playing board games like Monopoly or Cluedo, or card games like Go Fish or Crazy Eights.

This is another perfect activity for seniors with reduced mobility. If you feel your kids have too much screen time and need to have some more offline fun, build their passion for board games and card games.

Arts and crafts

Another perfect home-based activity, arts and crafts are a beloved activity for children the world over. Get your parents involved in this activity and help them share in the passions of your children.

Their arts and crafts activities could include:

  • Creating holiday decorations
  • Simple sewing projects like puppets or blankets
  • Create frames to display pictures and artwork
  • DIY bird feeders
  • Wind chimes
  • Terrariums


Many seniors have a strong passion for gardening. Have your children help them out and develop some practical life skills in the process.

No matter where your parents live, you can take your little ones around and develop their green thumbs. For instance, many Living Choice retirement villages have opportunities for seniors to partake in their favourite outdoor hobby of gardening.

Take your children around for a visit and watch a beautiful garden bed blossom. At the same time, you’ll see intergenerational evolve in much the same way. 

Movie nights

Another great home-based activity is movie night. You can spice up this occasion with themed snacks that relate to the movie you are watching. 

Create a comfy space with blankets or a pillow fort to amp up the excitement. Test the waters and see how your children feel about a classic film that your grandparents are more familiar with. It might just become their new favourite!

Local playground trips

There isn’t much that gets children excited as much as a trip to a local playground. Involve their grandparents in this adventure and watch smiles spread from ear to ear.

For those based in Perth, we have extensive guides to the very best playgrounds in the city. This will help you find the perfect location for a brilliant day in the sun for the whole family.


Australia is full of lovely bushwalks which are far from extensive hikes. There are plenty of shorter, more manageable trails that seniors can enjoy.

Many walks in Australia use a grading system to signify their difficulty. This means you can quickly find an appropriately graded walk for little ones and senior citizens alike.

A brilliant family bushwalk can help to build your little one’s love for the outdoors. 

Zoos or aquariums

What child doesn’t love heading to the zoo or the aquarium. Strolling through these locations is a simple but thrilling activity for all ages.

It’s also a great opportunity for seniors to pass on their knowledge to their grandchildren. Your child can learn so much about animals and how they live.

Who knows? You might even have a budding zoologist on your hands!

Acts of service

As we reach retirement age, many of us feel inclined to give back to our local community. This is where acts of service can come in. Volunteering in locations such as soup kitchens, nursing homes or animal shelters can lead to quality bonding time between grandparents and grandchildren.

It can also instil a sense of community responsibility in your children. It can be a tremendously productive way to encourage intergenerational bonding in your family.

Creative performance

Encouraging your child’s creativity is always vital, and their grandparents can be a big help in this. From talent shows to dancing to concerts, a creative performance is loads of fun for all ages.

Your parents may have some classical training to draw upon, while your child might enjoy showing their grandparents the latest TikTok dance. Both sides have something to bring to the table, making this an amazing opportunity for intergenerational bonding.

As you can see, there are nearly limitless possibilities for brilliant activities for grandparents and grandchildren to join in on. Set up these occasions today and watch your family ties become closer than ever.

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