Best Kids Friendly Buffet in Perth

Are you tired of the same old complaints at mealtime, like “I don’t like that!” or “I’m not hungry”? Well, we’ve got an amazing solution that will turn dining out with your kids into an incredibly FUN and exciting experience! 

Imagine this: an all-you-can-eat buffet where your little ones can embark on a thrilling culinary journey, explore a world of flavours, and indulge in their favourite dishes to their heart’s content. It’s a game-changer that will make dining a blast for everyone involved!

Now, let’s talk about the enchantment of all-you-can-eat buffets. Picture this: endless platters of pure deliciousness, a tantalising array of flavours that would make any food lover weak in the knees, and the freedom to choose exactly what tickles your fancy. 

It’s a foodie’s dream come true! And when you’re dining with your little munchkins, it’s like having a secret weapon to conquer even the pickiest eaters. Finally, a place where everyone can find something they absolutely love!

But wait, there’s more! We’ve gone above and beyond to handpick the absolute best buffets in Perth, ensuring that your family’s dining experience is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Whether you have nugget enthusiasts or adventurous parents ready to try new flavours, we’ve got you covered. These buffets are thoughtfully curated to please even the fussiest eaters in the family.

Just imagine the pure delight in your little ones’ eyes as they lay their eyes on an irresistible spread of mouthwatering dishes. 

From fresh and succulent seafood to sizzling barbecues, aromatic Asian delights to heavenly desserts, these buffets have it all. 

It’s not just about the food; it’s a sensory journey that will ignite their curiosity and expand their taste horizons. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for you to introduce them to new cuisines. So, bon appétit, little foodies!

But the magic of buffets goes beyond the food alone. It’s a chance for the whole family to come together, bond over shared plates, and create priceless memories. 

And the best part? You no longer have to stress about choosing the perfect restaurant. We’ve taken care of that for you! Simply follow our delicious guide to the best buffet experiences in Perth, and let the feast begin. 

Trust us; it’s going to be an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, love, and, of course, incredible food.

Perth’s Best Buffets

So gather your hungry tribe, put on your foodie hats, and let’s dive into the enchanting world of Perth’s finest buffets. Get ready to create cherished memories and embark on a food-filled escapade that will leave your hearts and bellies full. Let the feast begin!

The Atrium Buffet

Looking for the ultimate buffet experience that will leave your kids delighted and their taste buds dancing with joy? Look no further! We’ve discovered the perfect culinary haven that guarantees an unforgettable dining adventure for your little ones. Get ready to treat your kids to the best buffet experience in town!

Step into The Atrium at Crown Perth, where food dreams come true! This place is legendary for its massive and scrumptious buffet spread. 

We’re talking fresh seafood that will make their eyes sparkle, mouthwatering antipasto that will have them drooling, and dishes from Asia and Europe that will make their taste buds do a happy dance. And let’s not forget the desserts—pure heaven!

But here’s the best part, parents: The Atrium knows how to make your wallet smile too. Their kid-friendly buffet starts from just $22 for kids, so you can treat your little ones to an incredible feast without breaking the bank. And guess what? Kids aged 0-3 years eat for free! It’s like a buffet paradise for tiny tummies!

The Atrium Buffet

But wait, there’s more! Sundays are extra special at The Atrium. They serve up a delightful high tea experience that will transport your family to a world of elegance and deliciousness. Picture this: dainty treats, fancy tea cups, and a charming atmosphere. It’s a Sunday extravaganza that will make everyone feel like royalty.

To make sure you secure your spot at this foodie wonderland, we highly recommend booking a table for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

The Atrium is located at Crown Metropol, Crown Perth, on Great Eastern Highway in Burswood. It’s a convenient destination for families ready to dive into a buffet adventure!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your hungry little tribe, put on your foodie hats, and get ready to experience the most incredible buffet your kids have ever seen. The Atrium at Crown Perth is calling your name, promising a feast of flavours, fun, and unforgettable moments. 

Lapa Brazilian Barbecue

Are you ready to take your kids on a culinary adventure they’ll never forget? It’s time to broaden their taste horizons and introduce them to the vibrant flavours of new cuisine. Look no further than Lapa Brazilian Barbecue, where an exciting world of Brazilian cuisine awaits your little explorers!

Located at 375 Hay St in Subiaco, Lapa Brazilian Barbecue is the perfect place to embark on a flavour-filled journey with your kids. If you’re eager to introduce them to new tastes and experiences, this is the spot for you.

At Lapa, they’re all about meat, meat, and more meat! Their Rodizio, or ‘Endless Feast,’ offers a dazzling selection of up to 16 different cuts of succ

Lapa Brazilian Barbeque
Lapa Brazilian Barbeque

ulent and authentic Brazilian meat. It’s a carnivore’s dream come true! 

And the best part? The table-side service adds an element of excitement and flair that will captivate your kids’ attention.

But don’t worry if your little ones aren’t up for a meat extravaganza. Lapa also offers an à la carte service, giving you the freedom to choose from a range of delicious options that will suit your preferences. 

Whether they want to explore the various meat cuts or indulge in a specific dish, Lapa’s menu has something for everyone.Immerse yourselves in the lively and hip ambience of Lapa, named after one of Rio de Janeiro’s most famous boroughs. 

Plus, while you savour the flavours of Brazil, why not treat yourself to one of their fabulous cocktails? It’s the perfect opportunity for you to embrace the spirit of the cuisine and create a truly memorable dining experience.

And here’s the cherry on top: Lapa has a special feast designed just for kids! Watch their eyes light up as they experience the side-table service and indulge in the magic of a Brazilian all-you-can-eat adventure. 

With a complimentary small soft drink or juice of their choice and a Busy Nippers colouring booklet to keep them entertained, your little ones will be in foodie heaven.

And the best part? You can treat your little explorers to the wonders of Brazilian cuisine at an affordable price. With kids’ feasts starting from just $16.95, introducing them to the vibrant flavours of Brazil has never been easier on the wallet!

So, if you’re ready to introduce your kids to the exciting world of Brazilian cuisine, make your way to Lapa Brazilian Barbecue. It’s a culinary journey filled with new flavours, cultural exploration, and delightful moments that will stay with your family forever. 

The Epicurean

Are you craving a buffet experience that will take your taste buds on a thrilling culinary journey? Look no further than Epicurean at Crown Towers. Brace yourselves because this buffet extravaganza is about to blow your mind with over 250 amazing dishes to choose from!

At Epicurean, they’ve got you covered no matter what cuisine you’re craving. From Australian delights to Indian specialties, from Western classics to Asian flavours, this buffet has it all. It’s a paradise for food lovers seeking a wide variety of mouthwatering options.

The Epicurean
The Epicurean

Prepare to be impressed by the quality of the food at Epicurean. They source their ingredients locally and prioritise sustainability, ensuring that every bite is a delight for your taste buds and a conscious choice for the planet. 

And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance—a chocolate fountain surrounded by an array of delectable desserts. It’s a sweet ending to an extraordinary dining experience.

But wait, there’s more! Epicurean offers a fantastic Indian buffet that will take your buffet adventure to the next level. Get ready to savour the vibrant flavours and spices of India, adding an extra layer of excitement to your feast. 

And the atmosphere? It’s just perfect for you and your family to enjoy a memorable dining experience together.

When it comes to pricing, Epicurean offers great value for the incredible variety of dishes they serve. Kids can indulge in this culinary wonderland starting at just $24, and little ones under 3 years old eat for free! It’s an opportunity for your kids to explore a wide range of flavours almost at a minimal cost.

Located at Crown Towers, Crown Perth, on Great Eastern Hwy in Burswood, Epicurean is ready to wow you and your family with an unforgettable buffet experience.

So, if you’re seeking a buffet that offers an incredible variety, top-notch quality, and a touch of indulgence, Epicurean at Crown Towers is the place to be. 

Monty’s Brasserie 

Are you in search of a breakfast adventure? Then you will love the delicious journey at Monty’s Brasserie, where kids can dive into a delightful breakfast buffet that’s sure to tickle their taste buds. 

Located at Pan Pacific Perth on 207 Adelaide Terrace, this is the place where little ones can enjoy a fantastic dining experience.

At Monty’s Brasserie, kids will be delighted by the impressive spread of dishes. While the adults indulge in fresh seafood and tempting meat options, the little food enthusiasts can explore a variety of breakfast delights tailored just for them. 

Monty’s Brasserie
Monty’s Brasserie

From fluffy pancakes and crispy bacon to colourful fruit platters and mouth watering pastries, the buffet has a range of kid-friendly options that will make their morning extra special.

And what’s a buffet without a sweet ending? The decadent dessert section at Monty’s Brasserie will tempt you with a variety of cakes, mousses, tarts, meringues, and more. It’s a sweet tooth’s paradise that will leave you craving for more.

Located in the heart of the Perth CBD, Monty’s Brasserie offers a stylish and relaxed setting for you and your family to enjoy a delightful breakfast buffet. The friendly and courteous staff further enhance the dining experience, ensuring you feel welcomed and well taken care of.

So, if you’re seeking a breakfast buffet that caters to your kids’ taste buds and creates a memorable dining experience, look no further than Monty’s Brasserie. 

Seoul Buffet

Do you want to get a taste of Korea? If yes, then get ready to be wowed by Seoul Buffet in Victoria Park, where an extraordinary Korean culinary experience awaits you and your kids.

At Seoul Buffet, it’s not just about the food—it’s about the interactive and exciting dining experience it offers. 

Picture this: your kids become the chefs of their own creations as they grill succulent meats to perfection on the built-in cooking grills or immerse fresh ingredients into a bubbling steamboat of flavours. It’s a hands-on adventure that will ignite their curiosity and turn them into culinary enthusiasts.

Seoul Buffet
Seoul Buffet

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Seoul Buffet showcases the vibrant and diverse flavours of Korean cuisine. From tender marinated meats to an array of traditional side dishes bursting with unique flavours, your little ones will have the chance to explore a whole new world of tastes and textures. 

They can dive into kimchi, savour japchae, and delight in an assortment of vegetables and noodles that will make their taste buds dance with joy.

Now, let’s talk about the best part—the price! Seoul Buffet offers an affordable dining experience for families. For kids, the buffet starts at just $14.90 for ages 4 to 6, $21.90 for ages 7 to 10 and $28.90 for ages 11 to 13. And guess what? Children aged 0 to 3 get to enjoy the feast for free! It’s a fantastic opportunity to introduce your kids to new flavours and cuisines without breaking the bank.

Located at 425 Albany Hwy in Victoria Park, Seoul Buffet is a great place for you and your family to embark on a gastronomic adventure. The lively atmosphere, friendly staff, and immersive dining experience make it the perfect destination for food-loving 

families seeking a unique and memorable dining experience.

So gather your loved ones, put on your chef hats, and get ready to savour the flavours of Korea at Seoul Buffet. Don’t miss out on this incredible Korean-style buffet experience—it’s a feast you won’t want to miss!

Café 196 Restaurant

Want to introduce your kids to the exciting world of spices?

Then, Café 196 Restaurant is the place to be. At Café 196 Restaurant, you’ll be treated to a buffet spread that will satisfy your every Indian food desire. 

Picture yourself indulging in a variety of mouthwatering curries, freshly baked naans, flavorful vegetarian dishes, and fragrant rice. It’s a buffet that checks all the boxes for high-quality, delicious Indian cuisine.

Café 196 Restaurant
Food Displayed at Café 196 Restaurant

What sets Café 196 Restaurant apart is not only the exceptional food but also the incredible value for money it offers. You and your family can enjoy a wide array of flavours and dishes without breaking the bank. 

The laid-back and inviting setting adds to the overall experience, making it a perfect spot for an intimate buffet dining experience.

Whether you prefer hot and spicy delicacies or milder options, Café 196 Restaurant has something for every type of foodie. 

From savoury curries to delectable vegetarian delights, you’ll find a range of options that will tantalise your taste buds and introduce your kids to the wonderful world of Indian flavours.

To explore the full buffet menu and prices, we recommend calling out the venue directly. Located at 196 Adelaide Terrace in Perth, Café 196 Restaurant awaits your family’s arrival with open arms.

So, if you’re craving a remarkable Indian buffet experience that will ignite your taste buds and introduce your kids to the diverse flavours of India, Café 196 Restaurant is the place to be.

The Atrium Garden Restaurant

Calling all young breakfast adventurers and families in Fremantle! Get ready for an exciting culinary journey designed especially for you at The Atrium Garden Restaurant in the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges. 

This is not your ordinary buffet breakfast—it’s a breakfast bonanza that will delight both young and young at heart!

Imagine waking up to a buffet spread filled with all your favourite breakfast delights. From sizzling sausages and crispy bacon to golden hash browns and juicy grilled tomatoes, every bite is a burst of flavour that will make your taste buds dance with joy. 

And for the little ones with adventurous palates, there’s a selection of kid-friendly dishes that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

But wait, there’s more! The Atrium Garden Restaurant goes above and beyond to make your breakfast experience extra special. 

Their omelette stations and made-to-order eggs allow your kids to become little breakfast chefs, creating their own fluffy omelettes with their favourite ingredients or enjoying perfectly cooked eggs just the way they like them. It’s a hands-on culinary adventure that will ignite their creativity and make breakfast time even more fun.

And let’s not forget the barista-made coffee for the grown-ups. While you savour a smooth and delightful cup of coffee, your little ones can enjoy a selection of refreshing juices or milk to accompany their breakfast feast. 

It’s the perfect way to start the day together as a family, sharing laughter, delicious food, and unforgettable moments.

The Atrium Garden Restaurant
The Atrium Garden Restaurant

Located in the heart of Fremantle, The Atrium Garden Restaurant is not just about breakfast. They also offer fantastic lunch and dinner specials featuring a variety of seafood, roasted meats, and fresh sandwiches. 

So whether you’re visiting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there’s always something tasty and exciting for everyone in the family.

So gather your young food explorers and embark on a breakfast adventure at The Atrium Garden Restaurant. It’s a place where kids’ taste buds are celebrated and where the joy of discovering new flavours is embraced. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable buffet experience that will leave your little ones asking for more!

Jaws Sushi

Are your kids curious about the fascinating world of Japanese cuisine? Are they ready to embark on a delectable journey filled with delightful sushi creations? Look no further than Jaws Sushi in Perth, where a sensational buffet experience awaits to introduce your little ones to the wonders of Japanese cuisine.

Imagine a vibrant display of beautifully crafted sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and more, all waiting to be devoured. At Jaws Sushi, they take pride in serving only the freshest and most delicious sushi creations. 

From traditional favourites to innovative flavour combinations, every bite is a burst of culinary excellence.

But it’s not just about sushi at Jaws Sushi. Their buffet spread goes beyond rolls and nigiri. Your little ones can indulge in flavorful aburi, delightful gunkan, and a variety of tempting side dishes and noodles. 

And let’s not forget about dessert! Treat your kids to a sweet finale with delectable Japanese-inspired desserts that will satisfy their sweet tooth and leave them craving more.

What sets Jaws Sushi apart is their commitment to quality and variety. Every Saturday evening, they offer an “All You Can Eat” promotion, where you and your family can savour an incredible array of sushi and Japanese dishes without any limits. 

Jaws Sushi
Jaws Sushi

For only $42.50 per adult and $25.00 for children aged 5-10 years old, it’s an opportunity to explore different flavours, try new combinations, and embark on a culinary journey together. Plus, children under the age of five can enjoy this feast free of charge!

Located at 4/580 Hay St in Perth, Jaws Sushi welcomes families with open arms. The cosy and inviting atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. 

So gather your little sushi lovers and get ready to indulge in a feast of flavours that will leave everyone smiling from ear to ear.

What are you waiting for? Indulge in Perth’s Buffet Bonanza: A Feast Fit for the Whole Family! 

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, grab your little ones, and embark on a delectable buffet adventure in Perth! 

From mouthwatering spreads of international cuisines to tantalising desserts that will satisfy every sweet tooth, this vibrant city has it all. 

Whether you’re a foodie family or simply seeking a memorable culinary experience, Perth’s buffet scene promises to be an unforgettable journey for young and old alike. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create cherished memories and indulge in a feast like no other. 

So, why wait? Grab your appetites, bring your sense of adventure, and let the buffet extravaganza begin! Happy eating, happy exploring, and bon appétit!

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