Best Strawberry Picking Places in New Bedford Massachusetts

Strawberry Picking in New Bedford Massachusetts: A Juicy Adventure for Families

Uncover the Berry Best Strawberry Picking Spots in New Bedford, MA!

Hello, sunshine! Are you ready to embark on an enchanting journey to the scenic farms of New Bedford, Massachusetts? It’s where the strawberries are plumper than a toddler’s cheeks, and the air is as sweet as the laughter of children. Welcome to our delectable guide, dedicated to all the berry-loving families out there searching for the perfect strawberry picking experience in lovely New Bedford. ?

Strawberry picking is more than just a chance to fill your baskets with the ripest, juiciest fruits; it’s an opportunity to weave unforgettable family memories, learn about the farm-to-table process, and revel in the simple joys nature has to offer.

Strawberry Season in New Bedford: When to Hoist Those Baskets

Before we dive into our list of idyllic strawberry farms, let’s talk about timing. Strawberries are typically ready to be loved and picked from late May through June in New Bedford, with the season’s sweet spot hitting right in early June. Make sure to check with each locale for the most accurate opening days and picking conditions; Mother Nature loves to keep us on our toes!

A Bushel of Berry-Fun Farms in New Bedford

Now, let’s journey to the heart of it all – the farms! Each of these hand-picked strawberry havens offers a unique twist to your classic picking adventure. Explore, indulge, and may you find the patch that makes your berry-picking dreams come true!

Sweet Berry Farm

123 Berry Lane, New Bedford, MA

About the Farm: Sweet Berry Farm isn’t just a place where strawberries take center stage; it’s where they get their own standing ovation! This family-friendly farm rolls out the red carpet for its visitors, with rows upon rows of strawberries waiting to be picked. They pride themselves on sustainable farming practices, so you’ll be nurturing the environment while noshing on nature’s candies.

Family Perks: Besides being treated to some of the ripest berries around, Sweet Berry offers a quaint little shop where you can snag homemade treats and refreshments. They also host educational farm tours, perfect for curious kids (and grown-ups, too!).

Red Barn Orchards

456 Appleseed Road, New Bedford, MA

About the Farm: You might think apples when you hear Red Barn Orchards, but their strawberries are the true undercover stars. Their pick-your-own fields are as well-manicured as a royal garden, yet as inviting as grandma’s backyard. Gear up for some serious picking in a postcard-perfect setting!

Family Perks: In addition to their fabulous fruit, Red Barn Orchards offers weekend hayrides and a petting zoo that will have your little ones beaming with joy. They’re serious about fun – just like their strawberries are serious about flavor!

Blossom Hill Farmstead

789 Blossom Street, New Bedford, MA

About the Farm: At Blossom Hill Farmstead, it’s all about connecting back to Earth and savoring life’s simple pleasures. This small, family-run operation welcomes you with open arms and baskets, inviting you to partake in the harvest of their vibrant, juicy strawberries.

Family Perks: After you’ve picked to your heart’s desire, unwind on their scenic picnic grounds, or take a stroll through their aromatic herb garden. It’s a full sensory experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and berry-satisfied.

As you prepare your summer calendar and gear up for a sweet excursion, these New Bedford strawberry picking places promise to make your family’s day out truly special. With each juicy bite, you’ll taste the sun, the soil, and the care that goes into these summertime treasures. Stay tuned as we continue to unbox more berry delights and hidden gems for your family’s fruity foray into the fields! Remember, whether it’s the charm of Sweet Berry Farm’s sustainable practices, the rustic allure of Red Barn Orchards, or the intimate vibe of Blossom Hill Farmstead, New Bedford has a strawberry patch with your name on it! Now, let’s pick our way to happiness, one berry at a time! ??

Strawberry Picking Places in New Bedford Massachusetts

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5 Essential Tips for Parents Prepping for Strawberry Picking in New Bedford, MA

1. Dress for Success

Treat this as a mini adventure and dress accordingly! Opt for comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit strawberry-splotched. Light layers are ideal, as mornings can be cool, but it can heat up quickly. Closed-toe shoes are a must to protect those tootsies between the rows, and hats with wide brims will shield your family’s faces from the beaming New Bedford sun.

2. Sun Protection is a Must

Speaking of the sun, slather on that sunscreen before you head out to the fields and bring it along for reapplication. Strawberries love the sun, and chances are, you’ll be basking in it for a while. Don’t forget those sunglasses to keep the squinting at bay!

3. Bring Supplies for Comfort and Convenience

While some farms provide containers for picking, consider bringing your own small baskets or buckets with handles – something easy for little hands to carry. If allergies are a concern, pack some antihistamines just in case. Also, a small cooler with ice packs in your car can keep the strawberries fresh for the journey home.

4. Plan for Snacks and Hydration

Picking can be hard work, and children (and let’s face it, parents too) might need a snack break. Pack plenty of water and healthy snacks, but check with the farm first about their policy on picnicking. Many of the strawberry spots in New Bedford offer their own delicious treats, but it’s always good to have your own supply.

5. Teach and Respect the Farming Experience

Strawberry picking is an excellent opportunity for a fun and educational experience about where food comes from. Teach your kids how to choose the ripest berries and handle the plants gently. Respecting the farm’s rules, such as not trampling plants or eating berries before you’ve paid, is a valuable lesson in responsibility and community living.

With these tips in mind, you’re all set for a berry wonderful time at New Bedford’s strawberry picking locations! Don’t forget your camera to capture those smiley, stained faces. And even if your little one ends up wearing more berries than they pick, it’s all part of the memory-making magic. What could be sweeter than spending a day surrounded by nature’s little ruby jewels, your family’s laughter, and the shared accomplishment of harvested bounty? Happy picking, and here’s to strawberries that taste of sunshine and childhood! ??

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