The Bikini Cookbook Snack Book Review

The Bikini Cookbook introduces us to delicious calorie controlled healthy meals & snacks

Welcome to our review of the Bikini Cookbook Snack Book!  The Bikini Cookbook – Snack Book (in hard cover) featuring snacks of 150 calories or less per serve – perfect for making healthy snacks for the whole family.

The Bikini Snack Book recipes feature regularly on The BCB facebook and caught my eye, as we have two little sweet tooths in our house and one big sweet tooth – ME!

I was very interested to check out some of the recipes to see if we could start making some more healthy, yet delicious snacks that both the kids and myself could enjoy.  There were lots of comments from Bikini Cookbooker’s on facebook that their kids loved the snacks and many also enjoyed helping make the snacks too.

Michelle recognised that delicious healthy snacks were just as important as healthy meals, so each of her recipes contains predominately raw foods, and no more than 150 calories per serve.


Firstly, if you are in Perth when you order a Bikini Cookbook you’ll get your Bikini Cookbook pronto as Michelle does all the order processing, preparing and delivery (to the post box anyway) herself.  It comes in a cool brown cardboard polka dot box, so it makes a great gift to send to someone also.

I was keen to first make the Chocolate Brownies.  You will most likley find that you’ll have to head to your local health food store for some of the ingredients, but the good thing with the BCB’s is there is a lot of repetition of ingredients so you’ll find that you’ll use these ingredients in many of the recipes.  You are also replacing current ingredients you have with healthier alternatives.

I had heard a lot about cacao, but never used it.  This is one of the key ingredients in the Chocolate Brownies and is delicious.  I have started adding 1/2 a teaspoon to my banana & berry smoothies in the morning, and it’s also used in many of the other Bikini Snack Book treats.

The Chocolate Brownies where a hit with the kids, and I love them too! Best thing is that they are freezable (freezable recipes are marked with an “F” at the bottom).  They are so delicious, they are really moist and are a mix of chocolate and caramel type flavour.


Pictured: some of the ingredients for The Bikini Cookbook Chocolate Brownies


Pictured: Chocolate Brownies from The Bikini Cookbook Snack Book

Another ingredient in the Chocolate Brownies is Rice Malt Syrup which is fructose free – so this makes a great alternative to honey which is high in fructose (fructose is taken up almost entirely by the liver – too much and the liver can turn it to fat).

You can find the Chocolate Brownies recipe and lots of other BCB recipes under the Bikini Cookbook Free Recipes Samples at

Next I made the Cacao Fudgies – these are so super yummy.  They taste like dark coconut chocolate. These are great for a sweet treat snack and you can eat them straight from the freezer too.


Pictured: The Bikini Cookbook Cacao Fudgies ready to set

These Cacao Fudgies are also delicious dripped over your fruit “icecream”.  We have a Yonanas machine so pictured below is our favourite banana, kiwi & strawberry “icecream”.  I just put one of the cacao fudgie servings in the microwave then drizzled it over the “icecream”.

It works kind of like ice magic – but is crunchy and tastes a bit like coconut rough.


Pictured: Cacao Fudgies heated and drizzled over fruit “icecream” via Kids Around Perth Instagram

There are so many more yummy recipes I can’t wait to make and try.  These include soups, raw muesli bars, smoothies, icy poles and more!  The Bikini Cookbook Snack Book recipes are full of flavour and goodness. As with all The other Bikini Cookbooks recipes in Michelle’s series,  the emphasis is on calorie controlled, full flavoured, healthy meals – that leave you satisfied and full of energy! Best of all the kids will love them too.

More information:

You can find out more and purchase The Bikini Cookbooks for just $19.95 each at – or see the website for a stockist near you.

And if you have any questions about The Bikini Cookbook, make sure you like The Bikini Cookbook facebook – here you can ask Michelle and the other BCB’ers any questions and get ideas for meals too!

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