Discover the Exquisite Charm of Lord Reserve Carnegie!

The Ultimate Parents’ Guide to Exploring Lord Reserve Carnegie

Hello happy families! Get ready to discover the hidden gem in the heart of Carnegie – the Lord Reserve. If you’re looking for a family-friendly spot to spend quality time with your children, you’ve come to the right place! We’d love to share our love for this outdoor haven with you and your family. So grab your sun hats, water bottles, and picnic blankets, and let’s head out together!

Why Choose Lord Reserve Carnegie?

The Lord Reserve Carnegie is a beautiful park nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of Carnegie. It is more than just a green space. With its diverse amenities and activities suitable for children and adults alike, it offers a haven to play, relax, and explore.

The Enthralling Playground

At the heart of Lord Reserve, your children will find a playground that engages them in interactive, safe, and fun physical challenges. From swings, slides, to innovative climbing spaces, it truly checks the boxes for your children’s fun-filled adventure!

Picnic and BBQ Facilities

Love a family picnic or BBQ session? There are several picnic tables and BBQ facilities interspersed around the park. You can happily converse with your family while preparing a delicious BBQ feast, or comfortably set up a picnic amidst nature.

Activities to Enjoy in Lord Reserve Carnegie

Nature Exploration

With its lush flora and fauna, Lord Reserve Carnegie stands as an urban oasis. You can enjoy a walk, practice bird watching or simply sit and appreciate the enchanting beauty surrounding you. The chirping of birds, rustling of leaves, and occasional glimpses of wildlife will definitely delight your little ones!

Exercise and Sports

The park also boasts impressive sports facilities, ideal for both leisure and competitive sports. You can ignite your kids’ love for sports, cheer them on as they hit a goal, or even join them for some active fun.

The Paved Pathways

Have children with bicycles or scooters? Lord Reserve’s paved paths are perfect for family cycling or a scooter race! Ensure the kids have their helmets on and set off for a whirlwind of fun.

We invite you to come over and create beautiful memories at Lord Reserve Carnegie. Charming and inviting, it’s the perfect place for families to laugh, learn, and linger.

Lord Reserve Carnegie

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Visiting the Reserve

Location and Open Hours

Located at 38 Neville Street, Carnegie, Victoria, the reserve is easily accessible. It is open to visitors throughout the day, seven days a week. This allows families the flexibility to plan their visit according to their convenience.

Parking Facilities

The reserve offers ample parking space for its visitors’ comfort. This ensures a hassle-free start and end to your delightful day out to Lord Reserve Carnegie.

Preparing for Your Visit

Visiting the park in high spirits is the best way to enjoy it. Ensuring that you’re prepared will add to the ease and happiness of your journey. Here are a few quick tips for you:

Check the Weather

Prior to setting off to the reserve, make sure to check the weather forecast to plan your day accordingly.

Pack a Picnic

Your little munchkins might get hungry with all that exploration and fun. Pack enough snacks and drinks to keep them fueled throughout the visit. After all, nothing beats a picnic under the vast open sky.

Remember the Essentials

Prepare a bag with essentials like sunblock, hats, hand sanitizers, and mosquito repellants to ensure a comfortable and safe outdoor experience.

Don’t forget to collect all your belongings and dispose of your litter properly before heading home, helping to preserve the Reserve’s charm for your next visit and other visitors too.


So there you have it, a comprehensive guide to enjoying a family day out at the Lord Reserve Carnegie. It’s perfect for fun, relaxation, and creates an opportunity for learning about the great outdoors. Take time out of your busy schedule and experience the beauty and thrill that Lord Reserve Carnegie has to offer – a secure and joyous habitat for hallmark family moments. Cherish your time here and leave with a heart full of happy memories, until the next visit!

Preparing for Your Visit to Lord Reserve Carnegie: Top 5 Tips for Parents

1. Understand the Layout

Before visiting Lord Reserve Carnegie, it’s important to understand the layout of the park. Featuring a playground, sports fields, and extensive walking tracks, getting acquainted with the premises helps in planning your family outing efficiently.

2. Respect and Follow the Park Regulations

As responsible parents, adhering to the park’s rules and regulations ensures a safe and pleasant visit for everyone. This includes responsibilities like disposing of litter appropriately, maintaining appropriate noise levels and, if applicable, managing your pets properly.

3. Check for Scheduled Events

Lord Reserve Carnegie is a popular venue for community events. Periodically check their official website or local community boards for any scheduled events, as these can add entertainment value to your family outing or alert you to potential crowds.

4. Pack a Picnic

The Reserve offers spacious picnic areas. Packing your own picnic not only saves money but also allows the family to have a relaxing meal together amidst nature. Don’t forget to include plenty of healthy snacks and drinks for hydration.

5. Prepare for Safety

As with any outdoor spaces, ensure safety precautions are in place. Stock up on sunblock on sunny days, bring necessary medication for family members with specific needs, and keep a first aid kit handy. Remember, preparation is key to having a safe and fun-filled day at Lord Reserve Carnegie.

With these tips in mind, parents can easily navigate their way through this beautiful reserve, ensuring a memorable and stress-free outing for the whole family.

Contact Details

Lord Reserve
Location: Carnegie
Address: Munro Ave, Carnegie VIC 3163, Australia
Phone: (03) 9524 3333

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