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A Parents’ Guide to Finch Coffee Co Alkimos


Welcome parents, to the cheerful world of Finch Coffee Co Alkimos! Situated within the heart of Alkimos, this charming little cafe is a real gem that has so much to offer. Fuelled by its passion for delivering world-class coffee and delectable food, Finch Coffee Co Alkimos has successfully created a cosy, family-friendly atmosphere perfect for every parent. This guide will provide you with a detailed overview of this family-friendly café, highlighting the features important to every parent.

1. The Atmosphere

We know ambiance matters when you are out with kids. That’s why Finch Coffee Co Alkimos has managed to curate an inviting and family-friendly environment. Calm tones, comfortable seating, and friendly staff all contribute to making this café a favourite spot amongst parents and kids alike.

Cleaning Standards and Hygiene

As parents, hygiene and cleanliness are often our top concern when we take our kids to a café or restaurant. Finch Coffee Co Alkimos understands this and has set a high standard for cleanliness and sanitation, making it an ideal choice for parents.

2. The Menu

At Finch Coffee Co Alkimos, you will discover an extensive menu filled with a variety of delightful dishes and beverages that cater to all taste buds, including fussy little eaters. All the ingredients used are fresh, ensuring that the food is not only enjoyable but also healthy.

Special Kid’s Menu

Knowing about the discerning palate of youngsters, Finch Cafe Alkimos has a particular kids menu offering simple but fun food choices which are both healthy and appealing for the little ones. Be it a sandwich or dessert, everything is prepared with love and a personal touch.

3. The Coffee

If coffee is the fuel that keeps you going, then Finch Coffee Co Alkimos has got you completely covered. They serve up a variety of high-quality blends that suit every taste preference, from the strong, espresso coffee to the light, latte blends.

Why Parents Love Finch Coffee Co Alkimos

Whether it’s to catch up with friends, squeeze in some time to finish a book, or simply grab a coffee while your little ones play, Finch Coffee Co Alkimos makes for a perfect escape. With stellar service, a broad, appealing menu, and an amiable environment, there’s plenty to love about this café. Buckle up parents, and prepare for an unforgettable café experience!

Finch Coffee Co Alkimos

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4. Allergy Considerations

Along with providing a range of items on the menu, Finch Coffee Co Alkimos also caters to those with various dietary requirements. Gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options are available, making dining a breeze even if your child has specific food allergies or dietary requirements.

Cafe Facilities

One of the most significant considerations for parents when choosing a cafe is the facilities it provides. Finch Coffee Co Alkimos is equipped with baby changing facilities and wide pathways for prams, making it a hassle-free venue for parents with young children.

5. Transparency and Ethical Choices

Finch Coffee Co Alkimos believes in the importance of ethical sourcing and sustainability. They offer Fair Trade coffee and use locally sourced ingredients for their food items, ensuring that while enjoying a delicious meal, you’re also making ethical choices.

In Conclusion

As parents, balancing quality time with your kids while enjoying your favourite coffee can sometimes feel challenging. That’s why Finch Coffee Co Alkimos offers the perfect blend of delicious food, creamy coffee, a kid-friendly environment, cleanliness, and ethical choices that every parent appreciates. Stick Finch Coffee Co Alkimos on your list for your next family outing.

Preparing for Your Visit to Finch Coffee Co in Alkimos

Visiting any new establishment could be an exciting adventure with kids, and Finch Coffee Co in Alkimos is no exception. As you prepare for your visit, we’ve gathered five things every parent should know to have an enjoyable coffee break.

1. Exceptionally Kid-Friendly

At the heart of Finch Coffee Co’s ethos is inclusivity. Not only is it a paradise for coffee lovers but also an authentic kid-friendly environment. They offer a children’s menu with delectable and nutritious options loved by kids, making it easy for parents to plan meals.

2. Allergy and Dietary Requirements

Finch Coffee Co Alkimos acknowledges the importance of catering to all dietary needs. Let them know about any food allergies or dietary preferences your family may have. They’re prepared with gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options.

3. Excellent Parent Facilities

The café understands the needs of parents, offering excellent parent facilities. It’s equipped with baby-changing stations and high chairs, providing a comfortable experience for families with young children.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Seating

Depending on how the kids are feeling, Finch Coffee Co Alkimos caters to both indoor and outdoor seating options. Their outdoor area is spacious and offers a breath of fresh air, especially good for kids needing space to roam about.

5. Location and Parking Convenience

Located just a short drive from the heart of Alkimos, Finch Coffee Co guarantees less commuting time and more family time. It offers convenient on-site parking, ensuring a hassle-free visit for parents.

Every detail at Finch Coffee Co Alkimos is thoughtfully catered to families, aiming to provide an atmosphere where kids and adults alike can enjoy their visit. Parents juggling work and family commitments can most definitely look towards Finch Coffee Co Alkimos as their next stop for a healthy meal, invigorating coffee, or even just a lovely day out.

Contact Details

Finch Coffee Co
Location: Alkimos
Address: Shop 5/1 Graceful Blvd, Alkimos WA 6038, Australia

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