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At Edgyx we strive to deliver innovative and unique STEM holiday experiences for children. We do this by combining learning with topical themes and technological and scientific developments.  A good example of this is our Life On Mars program which guides a range of challenges and learning across engineering, robotics and coding. We try to involve as much experiential learning as possible on all the programs we deliver.

Our Da Vinci program is an example of a STEM program which involves no time sitting on devices and a lot of time completing engineering challenges, code breaking, solving riddles and drawing a sketch of your partner amongst many other activities; much of it involving teamwork. I deliver this one myself and show my bias by saying it is my favourite program!

We also strive to have children working hands on away from devices as much as possible and often that involves thinking and planning on paper before getting stuck into using the technology. The venues we use are also chosen for their easy access to the outdoors and plenty of space for firing rockets, racing billy carts or building a human pyramid.

We stay on top of trends and new technology as much as we can and as a result are now offering our 1 Day AI ChatGPT Holiday program for kids and teenagers.

AI Powered Learning

1 Day AI Chat GPT Holiday Program

Unless you have been living off grid as a recluse who has given up on the world! You will have heard something about ChatGPT and yes it does have the potential to be truly revolutionary in many ways!

This 1 day program has been designed to allow children of all ages to have great fun learning how to use it competently and safely – as there are many dangers with this new technology and what it can do.

For the uninitiated, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that answers questions you ask of it, using the knowledge it has acquired from both the internet and from human interaction. AI chatbots such as ChatGPT can answer simple and complex questions alike, though not always with 100% accuracy.

ChatGPT is a groundbreaking AI tool that school-aged children can access and have fun with. Sure, kids can use it to ask for jokes or unleash their creativity, but it can also help with interactive learning, teaching them to write code and debug, summarize books and articles, generate content like essays and letters, and translate from one language to another.

Why Your Child should Learn AI Chat GPT?

  1. AI Chat GPT is a FREE Tutor and is always Available. Not to do homework for them but rather as a crutch that helps them learn. There are many ways they can use it as follows: To create Outlines/History lessons/Foreign languages/STEM learning and help with understanding Maths problems.
  2. AI Chat GPT can always answer your kids questions or at least attempt to. But we look at applying a critical eye also.
  3. AI Chat GPT Can help kids learn to communicate and practice communication skills
  4. Kids can use AI Chat GPT to have fun and play games by generating quizzes/riddles or word games

Safety & Security:

Even if playing games within ChatGPT is safer than accessing random websites online, it’s important for kids to learn what kinds of things they share with ChatGPT could pose security issues.

As with anything online,  we will teach your children not to share any personal or private information about themselves, their home, or those around them. Kids aren’t always aware of the dangers of sharing information that they might find innocuous, such as their home address or full name, so we will use opportunity to teach some ground-rules for internet use in general and also be clear about the limitations of ChatGPT and the accuracy of its answers where appropriate.

We will also show how to prompt ChatGPT to reply in a kid-friendly manner with something like: “Going forward, only use kid-friendly language.”

We are excited about delivering this program and hope that you might join us these school holidays. Places are limited and bookings are essential. For more information and bookings – see more on Boobobutt.

Further Information: https://www.edgyx.com.au/ai-chat-gpt

Kids Chat GPT EdgyX Perth

Would you like your child to be transported to Mars for 3 days?

Life On Mars is a unique STEM holiday program that has 3 key themes traveling, exploring and setting up a colony on mars. We achieve this by building a rocket, building and using Mini Mars Rover and a unIgnite your child’s creative & scientific imagination

The Life on Mars Challenge Camp by EDGYX is a highly unique STEM experience that will ignite your child’s creative and scientific imagination these school holidays!

Suitable for ages 8 – 12 years, the Life on Mars Challenge Camp enables children to immerse themselves in the very real prospect of making Mars habitable for humans.

Presented in a game-like style, the 3-day camp will focus on hands-on practical challenges in technology, robotics, engineering skills and knowledge.

Children will:

  • Design, build and command Mini Mars Rover Bots on a Martian Set
  • Build a Mars Electric Powered Vehicle
  • Build and race their own rocket
  • Conduct a Mars Lander experiment
  • Complete a range of NASA Mars experiments
  • Design a Mars Habitat
  • And much more Mars-themed STEM fun [*Please note Drone Building and flying is included in the Willeton Program only and also other content. Places are very limited at this location.]

The fate of the human race could lie in their hands! No special skills or knowledge is required – except a healthy dose of imagination and interest in Space!

Departure for the red planet is ready multiple times these school holidays – check dates and availability on Boobobutt. Bookings highly recommended!

Mars Rover

Da Vinci Challenge Camp 3-Day Action-Packed Creative STEM Experience

Clear billy cart racing image

These school holidays, Edgyx invites your child to experience a uniquely innovative and creative STEM camp like no other! The Da Vinci Challenge Camp is a fun educational and team-based three-day event, with an action-packed program inspired by one of the world’s greatest ever minds!

Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian polymath who was an active painter, draughtsman, engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor and architect. As an engineer, he conceptually invented the parachute, the helicopter, the use of concentrated solar power, a calculator, a rudimentary theory of plate tectonics and the double hull!

Da Vinci Challenge Camp sees students aged 8 to 12 join in the spirit of Da Vinci and have the opportunity to take part in diverse challenges that Da Vinci himself would have enjoyed! Highlights include:

  • Machine Building Challenges (Rockets & More)
  • Quests (Mind-bending Team Quests)
  • Code Breaking (Escape Room inspired challenges and more)
  • Creativity Challenges (Would Da Vinci have been a Rapper if he were alive today)?
  • Includes take-home creations The Da Vinci Challenge Camp is an inspiring experience that will engage girls and boys technically, scientifically and creatively. All activities are hands-on, practical and delivered entertainingly and energetically! Where else will your child be able to build rockets, solve code-breaking challenges, and take part in quests.

Enrolment is now open for this exciting school holiday camp and places are strictly limited. Check dates and for bookings please see here on Boobobutt

Da Vinci Program

Coding & Game Development for Kids

Coding Joy

Ignite your child’s creative & scientific imagination

These school holidays, Edgyx invites your child to experience a uniquely innovative and creative 3-Day Coding & Game Design Program like no other! The Edgyx Coding & Game Design Program is a fun, educational and team-based program, designed for children aged 8 to 12 years.

The action-packed program encourages young children to learn Python effectively and learn how to begin making Games.

Held in a great central and inspirational venue with a low teacher to student ratio, the Coding & Game Design Program will see children have great fun while developing meaningful and deep learning outcomes.

Drones Programming image

The two key aspects of the Coding & Game Design Program are:

  • Introduction to Python Compared to other programming languages, Python is ideal for beginner kids to learn. The syntax is straightforward, which is why Python is regarded as a language suitable for kids. Python is often used to build websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analysis. It is also a general-purpose language, meaning it can be used to create a variety of different programs and isn’t specialised for any specific problems. Python is a useful real-world skill for kids to learn as it can be used to develop software and apps in a variety of settings.
  • GDevelop For Game Making GDevelop is a fun and powerful beginner-friendly, no-code, game making app. GDevelop is far more suitable and productive for children than Unreal Engine, Unity or Gamemaker as it has quick drag and drop tools for the game space and an easy to follow coding language. GDevelop is focused on being easy to use, so children can spend more time on learning how to make a good game, rather than how to use a piece of software! With GDevelop, the finished 2D Game can be published on iOS, Android, Steam, itch.io, Messenger Gaming… basically anywhere except consoles!

Enrolment is now open for this exciting school holiday program and places are strictly limited. Choose from two sets of 3 day dates 4-6th July and 11th – 13th July 23.

Early bookings are advised: book now here on Boobobutt

For more information on the Coding & Game Design Program, see www.edgyx.com.au/coding-game-design-program .


EdgyX is run by Director Stephen Doran. Who holds a BA (Hons) in Systems analysis, and a Postgraduate DIploma in Education. He has worked in Education at all levels for 20 years. His team consists of highly qualified and experienced STEM specialists with a passion for STEM education for children. All staff have valid police checks and valid working with childrens checks.

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We make every effort to ensure all this information is up to date but should be used as a guide only. Events do get cancelled or changed and venues can close without notice. Always follow the links provided for up to date information on an event or activity. If you know of a change or cancellation we’ve missed then please contact us to let us know.

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