Explore the Finest Dining Destinations in Queenstown, New Zealand

The Ultimate Family Guide to the Best Places to Eat in Queenstown, New Zealand

Oh, Queenstown! You dazzle us with your stunning landscapes, thrill us with your adventure sports, and charm us with your vibrant culinary scene. As parents, we know the challenge of finding the perfect spot to eat that’s both kid-friendly and pleasing to the palate. But fret not, because Queenstown is a treasure trove of eateries that cater to every taste bud in the family! Let’s dive into the culinary wonders of Queenstown and discover the eateries that will make your family meals memorable.

Why Queenstown Eateries are Perfect for Families

Queenstown is not just a haven for adrenaline junkies; it’s a paradise for foodies too! With a wide array of dining options that range from cozy cafes to luxury restaurants, there’s something for everyone. The friendly Kiwi hospitality coupled with diverse cuisines make it a dream destination for family dining.

Fergburger: The Legendary Burger Haven

Start your tasty tour in Fergburger, where the legendary burger is a must-try for families. The place is always buzzing with excitement, and despite the queue, it’s worth the wait. If you want to avoid the lines, try going at off-peak hours. Their enormous burgers can easily be shared by the little ones, and there are veggie options available too. Remember, sharing is caring, especially when it involves a Fergburger!

Joe’s Garage: The Go-To Spot for a Relaxed Family Meal

For a more laid-back atmosphere, steer your family ship towards Joe’s Garage. Known for its relaxed vibe and delectable breakfasts, it’s a place where you can kickstart your day with a smile. Keep an eye out for their kids’ menu, it perfectly portions meals for your mini-adventurers.

Pier Restaurant & Bar: Dining with a View

Make your dining experience a scenic one at Pier Restaurant & Bar. Located on the lakefront, the views are as exquisite as the food. Their menu showcases the best of New Zealand produce, and includes kid-friendly options. Savour your meal while the kiddos stay entertained by the stunning Lake Wakatipu.

Rata: For a Sprinkle of Gourmet Magic

If you’re looking to treat the family to a sprinkle of gourmet magic, Rata is your go-to. Co-owned by renowned chef Josh Emett, Rata takes New Zealand cuisine to a whole new level. With a sophisticated yet homey atmosphere, it’s a place where kids and parents can both enjoy a delightful meal.

Patagonia Chocolates: The Sweetest Spot in Town

No family outing should end without something sweet, and Patagonia Chocolates is the sweetest spot in town. Known for their irresistible chocolates and ice creams, it’s a feast for the senses. With ample flavors to choose from, it’s the cherry on top of a perfect dining experience.

Queenstown’s dining options are like the town itself – full of variety, adventure, and beauty. The eateries mentioned above are just a teaser of what’s awaiting families in this beautiful part of New Zealand. So, bring your appetites and prepare for delightful experiences that will satisfy food lovers of all ages. Stay tuned for more insider tips on how to make your family food journey in Queenstown an unforgettable one!

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5 Things Parents Should Know When Preparing for the Best Dining Experiences in Queenstown, New Zealand

  • Consider Dietary Requirements: Queenstown has a fantastic range of eateries that are more than willing to accommodate special dietary needs. Whether you have allergies to manage or preferences such as vegetarian or gluten-free, many restaurants offer suitable options. It’s always a good idea to check menus online beforehand or call the restaurant to ensure they can cater to your family’s dietary requirements.
  • Plan Around Peak Times: Some of Queenstown’s most popular spots, like the iconic Fergburger, can have long wait times, especially during peak meal hours. Consider dining at less popular times to minimize waiting. Early dinners or late lunches often mean you’ll grab a table quicker, and the dining experience tends to be more relaxed when the crowd thins out.
  • Embrace Outdoor Dining: Queenstown’s stunning scenery offers the perfect backdrop for al fresco dining. Many restaurants boast outdoor seating areas with breathtaking views, so check the weather forecast and if it’s a sunny day, opt for a spot where you can eat outside. This is not just about the view; outdoor dining can be less stressful with little ones who may be more inclined to express their energy amid the beauty of Queenstown.
  • Book Ahead Where Possible: In this buzzing tourist center, reservations are your best friend. While some places offer a “walk in” policy, booking ahead can save you time and secure your spot. It can also help the restaurant prepare for any special requests you might have, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable mealtime.
  • Prep for Kid-Friendly Needs: Going out to eat with kids requires a bit of extra preparation. Look for restaurants with clear kid menus, highchairs, and maybe some crayons or activities to keep little hands busy while you wait for the food. Queenstown establishments are generally well-equipped to keep kids happy, but it never hurts to carry a small entertainment pack just in case.

With a little planning and these insider tips, your family’s dining experiences in Queenstown will be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Now, let’s get ready to feast and create some fabulous family memories around the table!

Flame Bar & Grill: For the Meat-Loving Family

For families who relish a good steak or some ribs, Flame Bar & Grill is a fiery favorite. Their generous portions and kid-friendly menu make it a hit for families who love their meat served with a South African twist. Plus, their location upstairs offers great views to entertain the kids while waiting for the feast.

Ballarat Trading Co.: The Quirky Historical Pub

Dive into Queenstown’s history with a meal at Ballarat Trading Co., designed to resemble a 19th-century trading store. Imbued with character and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s a great choice for families. Their diverse menu ensures both kids and adults leave satisfied and ready for the next adventure.

Cow Restaurant: Cozy Up in a Queenstown Institution

The Cow Restaurant is as much a part of Queenstown’s fabric as the surrounding mountains. Famous for their pizzas and spaghetti, housed in a cozy, rustic environment, it’s one of those must-visit spots that families adore. The intimate setting may get crowded, so booking ahead is recommended, and the comfort food here truly hits the spot.

Queenstown is ready to serve up a smorgasbord of options that will delight the whole family. With these top picks, and plenty more to explore, your taste buds are in for an adventure as unforgettable as Queenstown’s landscapes. Happy dining!

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