Explore the Fun at Hancock Playground Doubleview

A Comprehensive Parent’s Guide to Hancock Playground Doubleview

Welcome, dear parents! Exciting days of fun and adventure await you and your little ones at the fantastic Hancock Playground. Centrally located in the serene neighbourhood of Doubleview, this playground serves as an energetic hub for families to connect, as well as a recreational goldmine for children of all ages.

Uncover The Magic Of Hancock Playground Doubleview

Don’t be just a spectator but part of the fun and laughter that echoes within the confines of the park. Allow this guide to take you through all the bells and whistles of this superb playground that’s right in the heart of Doubleview.

Why Choose Hancock Playground Doubleview?

If you’re hunting for the perfect family spot this weekend, look no further. Here’s why Hancock Playground Doubleview should be at the very top of your list!


Situated at the heart of Doubleview, Hancock Playground is not hard to miss. Its prime location makes accessibility a breeze, offering parents and children an urban picnic spot that’s just right around the corner.


The safety of your kids is a top priority in Hancock Playground. The playground equipment is regularly maintained, ensuring that your little ones can run, climb, and slide, all in the safest environment possible.

Fun and Learning

Fun and learning go hand-in-hand at Hancock Playground. With imaginative play structures, kids will never tire of exploring. Not only will they be physically active, but they’ll also be mentally stimulated.

Stay tuned as we delve further into what this wonderful play arena has to offer in the next sections of this guide. So gear up, grab your sunscreen, and take a trip to Hancock Playground Doubleview for a family day out that’s both thrilling and memorable!

Hancock Playground Doubleview

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Dive Deeper: The Activities at Hancock Playground Doubleview

This playground is not your ordinary park. Here are some of the key features sure to ignite your child’s sense of wonder and fun. Let’s dive deeper and find what makes Hancock Playground stand out amongst the rest!

The Play Structures

Kids thrive on exploration, learning, and play. The playground provides all three through its variety of fun, imaginative, and safe play structures. From slides and swings to climbing frames and roundabouts, the options are limitless!

The Picnic Area

All that playing can tire even the most energetic tot. Luckily, Hancock Playground has a lovely picnic area where families can enjoy some downtime. The shaded area is perfect for enjoying snacks or having a delightful family picnic.

The Basketball Court

Older children and teens aren’t left out of the fun. The playground also houses a well-maintained basketball court, providing an opportunity for young athletes (and enthusiastic parents) to get some high-energy exercise.

Care and Considerations at Hancock Playground Doubleview

While fun is guaranteed at the playground, we must keep in mind a few things to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Keep It Clean

Keeping the playground clean and litter-free is the duty of every visitor. Parents are requested to make use of bins provided and encourage kids to do the same.

Be Mindful of Others

The playground is a shared space. Encourage your kids to be mindful of others around them and to wait their turns on the play structures.

Watch and Guide Your Kids

While the playground is designed with safety in mind, mishaps can occur. It’s important to keep an eye on your little ones and guide them while they play.

With this guide at your side, Hancock Playground Doubleview is your one-stop family-entertainment destination. So get ready to pack your picnic basket, slap on your sunhat, and chase the laughter and joy at Hancock Playground- where every visit is a new adventure!is a popular destination for families looking for fun outdoor activities. Here are 5 things parents should know when preparing their visit to this park.

## 1. The Location

Hancock Playground Doubleview is located on Hancock Street in Doubleview, Western Australia. It’s easily accessible via public transportation, but also has ample parking if you choose to drive.

## 2. Playground Features

### The Playground Structure

The playground is well-equipped with different structures, suitable for kids of various ages. It’s a mix of traditional and modern outdoor play equipment – swings, slides, climbing frames, and fun imaginative play areas.

### Inclusive Play

What stands it out is its inclusive play facilities. The park has sensory play panels, a liberty swing, and wheelchair accessible roundabouts, making it a favorite among parents with children of all abilities.

## 3. Other Facilities

Apart from the play equipment, there is a barbecue area, picnic tables, and public toilets. You can host family gatherings, picnics, or birthday parties.

## 4. Safety Measures

The playground is fully fenced, which provides an extra layer of safety for children. However, as always, parental supervision is important.

## 5. Nearby Amenities

The playground is close to shops and cafes, so parents can grab a coffee or snacks for the kids. Remember to bring hats, sunscreen, and water bottles as shade is limited in certain areas.

In summary, Hancock Playground Doubleview is a fantastic, inclusive space for kids to explore, play, and have fun. Families will find it well-equipped and safe for a day full of activities and joy.

Contact Details

Hancock Playground
Location: Doubleview
Address: 3 Bures Ct, Girrawheen WA 6064, Australia

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