Fun Activities for Kids in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide

A Fun-Filled Guide: Things to do with Kids in the Suburb of Mawson Lakes Adelaide


Calling all Mawson Lakes parents! If you’re looking for abundant, exhilarating, and educational experiences for your kids right here in your community, we’ve got you covered. As a parent, you know that the real challenge isn’t finding things to do, but discovering quality activities that are kid-friendly and enjoyable for the whole family. Our guide covers a multitude of fun things to do with your kids in the suburb of Mawson Lakes, Adelaide!

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Mawson Lakes Playground

Let’s begin with the hub of fun and laughter – the Mawson Lakes Playground. This isn’t your ordinary playground; it’s a mini-adventure park! From slides to swing sets, to interactive play stations, it’s perfect for active kids. Plus, the surrounding green space provides ample room for a picnic or a game of catch.

Mawson Lakes Dog Park

For families with furry friends, the Mawson Lakes Dog Park could be an endearing venue. It’s a fantastic place for your kids and pets to intermingle with others and make new friends. Your children will learn responsibility and empathy as they interact with their four-legged friends.

Building Young Minds

Mawson Lakes Library

A visit to the library can be a magical adventure for a child. Mawson Lakes Library is certainly more than just a quiet space filled with books. With regular storytimes, craft sessions, and educational workshops, your kid’s love for learning will surely flourish.

Mawson Lakes School and Community Centre

The Mawson Lakes School and Community Centre offers a wide variety of educational and creative activities for kids of all ages. With sports, music, arts, and craft, it is a place where kids can learn, engage, and find their passion.

At the end of the day, Mawson Lakes is a suburban paradise for every kid. Navigating through this myriad of activities, your little ones will have the opportunity to learn new skills, engage in physical activity, and foster deep connections with their community. So come, explore and let your kiddie squad make the best of their time at Mawson Lakes, Adelaide.

Things to do with Kids in the Suburb of Mawson Lakes Adelaide

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Delicious Family Time!

Mawson Lakes Hotel & Function Centre

Looking for the spot to grab a bite after your fun-filled day? The Mawson Lakes Hotel & Function Centre is the answer. Offering a delicious menu suitable for both grown-ups and kids, there’s plenty to enjoy. With a relaxed atmosphere, this is the perfect venue to sit back, enjoy a meal, and share stories about the day.

Gelato Bello

No family day out is complete without dessert, and Gelato Bello is the cherry on top! Known for their divine gelato, here you’ll find an extensive choice of flavours, making it quite impossible to pick just one. The children will definitely love this place!


Exploring these activities can make Mawson Lakes feel like an amusement park, a learning hub, and a green oasis, rolled into one. Our guide is designed to reconnect you and your family not only with each other, but with the lively, beautiful community you are a part of. Here’s to enjoying Mawson Lakes with your kiddos – recognising that there’s joy in every corner of this suburb, with countless opportunities for growth, bonding, and pure family fun.

Useful Tips for a Happy Adventure

Plan Ahead

The key to a successful day out is planning. Think about what your children most enjoy and list down a few choices for them. Involve the kids in planning! They’ll love the responsibility and look forward to the adventure.

Keep It Flexible

Although planning is great, remember to be flexible. Kids can be unpredictable and the weather can change. Always have a backup plan in mind. The most important thing is to have fun!

Bring Snacks and Water

Always pack some kid-friendly snacks and plenty of water. Picnic breaks are ideal opportunities for delivering healthy food and keeping the kids hydrated.


More information about Mawson Lakes can be acquired through its official website and social media pages. Remember, Mawson Lakes, Adelaide is waiting for you to come and discover its offerings!

Planning Your Adventure to Mawson Lakes, Adelaide

For parents seeking memorable adventures for their kids in Mawson Lakes, a suburb of Adelaide, here are five valuable tips to keep in mind before setting off:

1. Check out Local Playgrounds

Mawson Lakes has several playgrounds like Montague Road Playground which are perfect for a day of fun and physical activity with kids. Plan to visit when the weather is agreeable and don’t forget your kid’s favourite outdoor toys.

2. Visit the Community Club

The Mawson Lakes Community Club is the hub for a variety of youthful activities including sporting events and art workshops. Research ahead what events or clubs are available during your visit.

3. Explore the Local Library

Make learning fun and exciting by visiting the local library. It’s not just a place to borrow books but also a resource for educational events and activities for kids. Check the library’s schedule in advance.

4. Plan for Outdoor Activities

Mawson Lakes offers numerous kid-friendly outdoor activities. The Mobara Park, for example, offers a beautiful Japanese themed garden where kids can explore every corner. Remember to plan accordingly for outdoor activities – sunblock, water, and hats are must-haves.

5. Explore Dining Options

There’s no shortage of kid-friendly dining options in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide. Establishments like Funk Coffee and Benedicts Cafe offer delectable cuisines that appeal to kids’ palates. Find out their operating hours and menus ahead and always keep an eye on allergy-friendly options.

Preparing for things to do with kids in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide can be a fun and educational journey. Consider these tips to ensure a smooth experience.

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