Fun ANZAC Activities for Preschoolers

Engaging ANZAC Activities for Preschoolers: Fun Ways to Learn and Remember

Engaging ANZAC Activities for Preschoolers

Hey there, awesome parents and educators! ? Are you pondering on how to introduce the spirit of ANZAC Day to the little wonders in your care? Worry not! ANZAC Day, celebrated on the 25th of April, is more than just a historical date; it’s an opportunity to teach our preschoolers about bravery, history, and the importance of remembrance in a fun and engaging way. Below are some beautiful activities that are just perfect for tiny hands and curious minds. So, let’s make some memorable learning experiences together!

Lest We Forget: Creative Crafts for Tiny Fingers

Nothing spells fun like getting those little hands busy with some craft! Here’s some exciting crafts that not only help in fine motor skills development but also serve as a heartfelt tribute to the ANZAC spirit.

  • Poppy Flower Creations – Poppies are a symbolic flower for ANZAC Day. Gather some red tissue paper, green pipe cleaners, and let the magic unfold as your preschooler creates their own poppy flowers. Stick these beauties on to window sills or walls to create a poppy field right at home!
  • ANZAC Day Wreaths – Wreaths are a traditional way to honor ANZAC Day. Use cardboard cutouts, crepe paper, egg cartons, or even real leaves and flowers to make an ANZAC Day wreath. This activity not only ignites creativity but also introduces the concept of respect and remembrance.
  • Heroic Medal Making – What better way to spark conversations about bravery than making medals? All you need is some foil, ribbons, cardboard, and a bunch of stickers. Help your preschoolers craft medals to “award” to their stuffed toys or even to family members.

Interactive Story Time: ANZAC Tales for Curious Minds

Storytelling is a captivating way to share the ANZAC legacy with young children, fostering empathy and understanding. Select age-appropriate books that discuss the ANZAC story suitably for preschoolers and encourage after-story discussion to help them process the information.

  • ANZAC Ted by Belinda Landsberry – This is a touching tale of a teddy bear that went to war. A great way to approach the concept of war without being too confronting.
  • Meet the ANZACS by Claire Saxby – An informative but gentle introduction to the ANZACs, showcasing their lives and the spirit of camaraderie.

Baking Time: Whipping up Some ANZAC Biscuits

Rally up your little kitchen hands to bake some delicious ANZAC biscuits! Not only is it a fun sensory experience, but there’s also wonderful history to share while mixing and baking. Talk about how these biscuits were sent to soldiers by their loved ones because they stayed fresh for a long time. Plus, nothing beats the aroma of cookies in the oven, right?

Don’t forget to oversee the baking to ensure safety and be ready for lots of spoon-licking! ?

Remember, parents, keeping the spirit of ANZAC alive doesn’t have to be solemn or somber. It’s all about age-appropriate learning, and through these memorable activities, you’ll etch a piece of history in your child’s heart. Stay tuned for more ideas as we continue to explore this topic together!

So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get ready for a mix of educational fun and heartfelt remembrance with our preschool pals. Keep smiling and crafting, for this is the best way to make history come alive for our youngest generation. Let’s set the foundations for a lifetime of respectful remembrance and honor the ANZAC legacy with joy and creativity!

anzac activities for preschoolers

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5 Things Parents Should Know When Preparing for ANZAC Activities with Preschoolers

Embarking on ANZAC Day activities with your preschoolers can be both a delightful and educational experience. Here are five things to keep in mind to ensure these activities are impactful and age-appropriate:

  1. Understand the Significance of ANZAC Day: Before diving into the activities, brush up on your knowledge of ANZAC Day so you can share the stories and significance in a simple way that preschoolers can understand. Knowing the basics will also help you answer their curious questions with confidence.
  2. Keep It Simple and Age-Appropriate: Tailor your activities to the developmental stage of preschoolers. Use simple language and concepts that they can relate to and avoid the more complex and potentially distressing aspects of war history.
  3. Focus on the Themes of Courage and Community: Emphasise the positive aspects of ANZAC Day, such as bravery, friendship, and coming together as a community. These are concepts that young children can grasp and learn from.
  4. Prepare Your Materials in Advance: Whether it’s baking ANZAC biscuits or creating poppy crafts, having all your materials ready goes a long way in keeping the activity flowing smoothly. This preparation ensures that the focus remains on the fun and educational aspects of the task at hand.
  5. Encourage Reflection and Respect: Use these activities not just as a craft or storytime but as a chance to instill an early sense of remembrance and reflection. Teach them to honor the service of others in a way that is respectful and commemorative.

With thoughtfulness and care, ANZAC Day activities can offer a rich learning opportunity for your preschoolers. It’s a fantastic chance to plant the seeds of historical understanding, empathy, and community spirit that will grow with them for years to come.


Remembering the ANZACs with our preschoolers can be both significant and enjoyable. By engaging in crafts, storytelling, baking, and reflection, we can pass down a legacy of respect and understanding. These activities serve as more than just pastime— they are an introduction to a larger story of national spirit and pride. Season these experiences with your love and patience, and watch as your little ones begin to grasp the essence of camaraderie and the importance of remembrance, bringing the ANZAC spirit to life through their joy and creativity.

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