Fun Games for Travelling to Keep You Entertained on the Go

Fantastic Games for Traveling: Ultimate Guide for Parents

Hello there, awesome parents! Packing bags for an adventure or setting out for a family road trip? Great! But let’s face it, traveling with kiddos can sometimes be akin to steering a roller coaster—exhilarating, unpredictable, and yes, occasionally hair-raising! Worry not, because I’m here with a trove of game ideas to keep those little ones entertained and your journey smooth sailing. Buckle up as we dive into an ocean of fun with travel-friendly games that promise to turn every “Are we there yet?” into “Wow, we’re here already?” ??

Classic Games with a Twist

First off, let’s kick it old-school with some classic games that have stood the test of time, but with a little twist to keep things fresh and exciting.

  • I Spy Something… – We all know “I spy with my little eye…” but have you tried adding themes to it? Spy colors, shapes, or even license plates from different states!
  • Travel Bingo – Download and print travel bingo cards or create your own. Include sights or objects you’re likely to pass by, such as a red barn, a cow, or a green car.
  • 20 Questions – A player thinks of something, and the others ask yes-or-no questions to guess it. Keep track of the questions and see if you can guess it with fewer questions over time.

Engaging Story Games

Next, let’s stir those imaginations with games that will captivate their minds and narrative skills. Who knows, you might have a budding storyteller in the backseat!

  • Once Upon a Time… – Start a story with “Once upon a time…” and have each family member add a sentence. It’s fun to see where the story ends up!
  • Tall Tales – Have your kids pick out random objects they see on the road and create a tall tale involving that object.

Creative and Crafty Games

For those artsy little travelers, here are some crafty distractions to keep their hands busy and their creativity flowing:

  • Travel Journals – Provide each child with a notebook and some stickers or stamps to create a travel journal. They can draw or jot down experiences from the trip.
  • String Games – Finger-knitting or cat’s cradle can be incredibly engaging (and quite the finger workout!). All you need is a piece of string, and you’re good to go!

Educational Games

Who says you can’t learn on the go? These educational game ideas are perfect for keeping those brain cells charged while en route.

  • The License Plate Game – Spot license plates from different states and mark them on a map. This is not only fun but also a geography lesson in disguise!
  • Name That Tune – Play snippets of songs or tunes and have your kids guess the song or the artist. Bonus points if they know the lyrics!

There we go, dear parents! You are now armed with the first section of your arsenal to make traveling as joyous as your destination. These games are just the beginning; there’s a plethora of innovative and entertaining travel games to explore. Stay tuned as we continue to switch up the fun gear and provide you with even more engaging games to make those travels unforgettable. Remember, with the right activities, even the longest journey can fly by—literally and metaphorically.

Let’s rev up the engines and carry on with all the jolly jaunts of journey games up ahead! The road is long but fear not, I’ve got plenty more up my sleeve to keep the smiles coming and the boredom at bay. Keep scrolling for more travel game greatness, and let the good times roll (or should I say drive?)!

Next up, we’ll cover tech-free games for the digital detox times, games for solo travelers (yes, even little Miss Independent or Mr. Self-sufficient need some solo playtime), and tips on how to pack a travel game kit that will be nothing short of a lifesaver! See you in a bit, happy travelers! ?

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5 Things Parents Should Know in Preparing Games for Traveling

While the above games are guaranteed to make your travel time a blast, smart preparation is key to making sure everything goes off without a hitch. Here are five golden nuggets of wisdom for parents when prepping up games for traveling.

1. Variety is the Spice of Life

Every child is unique, with ever-changing interests and attention spans. Make sure to pack a mixed bag of games—some that are quick and energetic, others that are more quiet and contemplative. This will cater to different moods and moments, ensuring there’s always something to do, whether it’s waiting at the airport or whizzing down the freeway.

2. Easy Does It

Opt for games that are easy to understand and set up. This isn’t the time for complicated board games with lots of pieces that can easily get lost. Stick to simple options that require minimal space, and you’ll thank yourself when you don’t have to pick up pieces from under the car seats.

3. Include Everyone

Choose games that can be modified to suit any age group. This means finding ways that the little ones can participate and so can the teens, ensuring everyone feels included and has fun. It’s all about creating those family memories together!

4. Travel Size for the Win

Space is a valuable commodity when traveling. Look for compact, travel-sized versions of games, which are designed to be portable and often come with magnetic pieces or storage containers. They’re easier to manage and decrease the risk of game-related clutter.

5. Unplugged Gaming

While technology can be a lifesaver, too much screen time can be counterproductive. Encourage traditional play by taking digital detox moments where no gadgets are allowed. This not only revitalizes the art of conversation and connection but also helps everyone to soak in the travel experience.

Tech-Free Games for the Digital Detox Times

In an age where screens often dominate our attention, it’s refreshing and beneficial to look into tech-free games that promote creativity, storytelling, and family bonding during travel.

  • Pen and Paper Games – Classics like hangman, tic-tac-toe, or dots and boxes only require a pen and paper and offer timeless fun.
  • Word Association Games – One player says a word, and the next must follow with something related. See where your collective brainpower leads you!
  • Scavenger Hunt – Create a list of items or landmarks that the kids have to spot during the trip. The first to find everything wins a small prize!

Games for Solo Travelers

Even when each child needs a little “me time,” solo games can come to the rescue, providing quiet engagement and self-sufficiency.

  • Sudoku or Crossword Puzzles – Great for older kids, these puzzles can keep a child absorbed for hours.
  • Coloring Books – With a set of crayons, coloring can be a soothing activity, perfect for some downtime on the go.

The Travel Game Kit

A travel game kit is a lifesaver on any journey. Here’s how to craft one:

  • Containerize – Choose a durable, compact container that’s easy to open and store. This will become the home for all your travel games and accessories.
  • Customize – Tailor the kit to your children’s ages and interests. Include a mix of their current favorites along with a couple of new games for surprise and variety.
  • Restock and Refresh – After each trip, take stock of what was used and what wasn’t. This way, you can refresh the kit to keep it interesting and relevant for the next adventure.

With your travel game kit in hand and a variety of games at the ready, you’re all prepared to hit the road, the skies, or the seas. May your travels be filled with joy, the laughter loud, and the creativity endless. Safe travels and happy gaming!

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