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Meet the Kids Around Perth Team

After looking for somewhere to celebrate a friends birthday with young kids in tow and finding next to no information after doing a google search, it was surprising to find very little information about what facilities venues had for children. That was back in June 2010, and after a bit of research and work Kids Around Perth was born in August 2010 and has been growing strong every since.

Not long after starting Kids Around Perth it was evident we were going to need some help, as even this girl who had lived in Perth all her life didn’t realise how much there was to see and do with kids in Perth & WA and so let me introduce you to Team Kids Around Perth

Reporter Lauren

Lauren Angove – Kids Around Perth Founder / Owner / Mum of two boys

Born, bred and living in Perth (except for 8 years working and living in Port Hedland WA), Lauren loves exploring the ins and outs of Perth & WA and sharing her finds with families. Margaret River and the south west are her favourite getaway locations.


Renee Jones  – Mum of 1

We live in Mandurah and love to share places we have visited and explored in and around the Peel Region and beyond. Follow Renee and her family at @bossonbunch on Instagram, Bosson Bunch on facebook and read more of her blogs at b


Michelle Callaghan – Mum of 2

Michelle is a Mum of 2 and a FIFO wife. Working part-time, for a mining company, allows her a great work/life balance to spend plenty of time with her family and trying out new places around our beautiful state. Her family loves to travel worldwide but especially enjoy family adventures around Perth. Follow Michelle and her kiddos adventures @ _tinytravellers_ on Instagram .


Phillipa White – Mum of 2

Phillippa is a Stay-at-home-Mum of 2. She is all about finding fun experiences on offer for kids & families all around Perth. She also loves doing craft, cooking and generally running her household! You can follow her adventures on Facebook Just A Mum Winging It or on Instagram @just_a_mum_winging_it


Jayde Stapleton – Mum of 2

Jayde is a Mum of two busy little girls, that love to explore and climb. She works part-time as a kindergarten teacher, and enjoys discovering all of the play opportunities around Perth and beyond with her husband and kids. Follow their adventures on instagram @adventures_of_aubreemae


Maggie Westbrook – Mum of 4

Maggie is a Mum to four little Perth people aged 8, 5, 4 and 1, two girls and two boys. Prior to becoming a mum she worked in communications and then as a teacher. She aims to make her move back into one of these areas this year. Maggie enjoys being out and spends weekdays exploring parks, museums, libraries and structured activities like sport, music and playgroup and come the weekend, however, she tends to head further afield with her family, hiking various Perth trails and visiting attractions further from home.


Natalie Morrone – Mum of 2

Nat is a Mum of 2 adventurous boys and loves exploring everything outdoors. Nat and her family renovated an old 1968 caravan and now enjoy camping all over Western Australia near and far. She has been lucky to share some amazing experiences with her family. Follow their adventures @nature_camping_kids_

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