Perth’s Super Parks

Not just somewhere to play, but a day out of adventure at one of Perth's Super Parks can make memories for years to come!

That’s not a playground, this is a playground! “Perth’s Super Parks” are so much more than just somewhere to play – these parks are Perth’s biggest and best parks where you are guaranteed a day of adventure!

Perth’s Super Parks are not just Perth’s biggest and best playgrounds, they feature nature based elements and large play equipment to give kids a bit of a challenge and a thrill.  While they do have play features for younger children, these parks are especially ideal for kids that are of the age where they are a little harder to impress and may be starting to say “this playground is boring”. There will be no boring playgrounds talk with these playgrounds, in fact they will begging to go back again and again.

Of course when you are heading out for a day of adventure it’s nice to have toilets, barbeques and picnic shelters too, so we will let you know what facilities each park and playground has also. Now onto our guide of Perth’s Super Parks!

Our Guide to Perth’s Super Parks

Table of Contents

1. Kinkuna Adventure Playground Allara Estate Eglinton 2. Variety Place Kings Park 3. Livvi’s Place Whiteman Edge 4. Adventurescape South Yunderup 5. Woodbridge Riverside Park 6. Bulrush XL Adventure Playground Providence Estate Wellard 7. Brabham Honeycomb Playground 8. Bob Gordon Reserve Play Space 9. St Leonards Estate Dayton 10. Quarry Adventure Park Meadow Springs 11. Mills Park Beckenham 12. Faulkner Volcano Park Belmont 13. Sculpture Park Mundaring 14. Robot Park Newhaven Estate Piara Waters 15. Mariala Vista Park Yanchep 16. Wandi DIstrict Playing Fields Playground 17. Kwinana Adventure Park 18. The Village at Wellard Adventure Playground 19. Eden Beach Foreshore Playground Jindalee 20. Bibra Lake Regional Playground 21. Jungle Park Whiteman Edge Brabham 22. Shipwreck Park Hilbert 23. PIa’s Place All Abilities Playground Whiteman Park 24. Shorehaven’s Treasure Island Adventure Playground Alkimos 25. The Harbour Playground Secret Harbour 26. Explorer Park Haynes 27. LIghthouse Adventure Playground Eglinton 28. Wellington Square Playground Perth

How to Pick the Best Super Parks Near Me to Visit With My Kids?

When it comes to picking the perfect park for you and your kids, it’s important to consider a few things. For instance, the proximity of the park is crucial. You need to make sure the park you pick isn’t too far away and there’s adequate transport links if needed.

Here are five important things to consider while taking your kids to a nearby park.

1.  Look for a variety of activities at the Super Park

When looking for parks near you to visit with your children, it is essential to consider the range of activities they offer. This will ensure that everyone in your family can have fun.

Look for parks with features such as picnic areas, sports courts, swimming pools or splash pads, and other recreational activities. You may also want to find parks that offer hiking trails, fishing ponds, or wildlife viewing opportunities. Perth’s Super Parks are a great place for all of these!

2.  Consider the age of your children

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a park is the age of your children. Some parks may be more suitable for younger kids, while others may be better for older kids.

If you have very young children, you’ll want to make sure the park has a playground and is fenced in. The size of the park will matter too – if your kids are quite young, then a large, sprawling park might not be suitable.

If you have older kids, they may enjoy parks with hiking trails or basketball courts.

Our review will give you a great sense of age appropriateness. There are many of Perth’s Super Parks suitable for all ages!

3.  Check the hours of operation

Before you visit a park, it’s important to check the hours of operation. Some parks are only open during daylight hours, while others may be open 24 hours a day. You’ll also want to make sure the park is open on the days you plan on visiting it. Yes it is hard to believe, but from time to time playgrounds are closed, and Perth’s Super Parks are not immune to this!

4.  Read the Kids Around Perth Park Reviews

One great way to get an idea of what a park is like is to read our reviews on the playground you would like to visit. We are extremely proud to bring you this guide of Perth’s Super Parks. Each of our reviews is put together with first hand experience from veteran playsters!

You can also do more research on websites like Boobobutt , Yelp or Google Maps. Reading reviews can give you an idea of what other families thought of the park and whether or not it’s worth visiting.

5.  Ask around for recommendations from your Support Group

Another way to find a perfect place for your family to play and explore is by asking around for recommendations. Take the time to talk to friends, family members and other parents who can provide insight on the best places in your area.

They may know of a great park near you that you didn’t even know existed!

Why should you take your child to a park near you?

Taking your child to a park near you is an excellent way to provide them with a fun and engaging outdoor experience. Parks offer a variety of benefits for children, including opportunities for physical activity, imaginative play, and social interaction with other kids.

From a physical standpoint, playing in the park gives children an opportunity to get much-needed exercise, as well as develop strength, endurance, and coordination.

It is also beneficial for children’s cognitive development, allowing them to explore their natural environment and develop important problem-solving skills. Studies have shown that exposure to nature in childhood can lead to improved physical and mental health outcomes later in life.

Spending time outdoors in parks has been linked to improved concentration, reduced stress, and the development of life skills in children. It can help children relax, build self-confidence, and have fun.

With all of these benefits, taking your child to a park near you is a great way to support their growth and development while creating cherished memories together.

Kinkuna Adventure Playground Allara Estate EGLINTON

Adventure and fun for the whole family at Kinkuna Adventure Playground Allara Estate.  With a big wooden fort playground, sports area, exercise stations and a water playground (summer only) this is a playground that is truly for the whole family. This park features bbqs, toilets, picnic shelters and a water fountain

Kinking Adventure Playground

Variety Place K INGS PARK

Variety Place, Saw Avenue Kings Park is a big playground that is largely nature based with tunnels, log climbs & crawls, set amongst the beautiful Kings Park bushland.  Adventurous kids will also love the rope climb and the big climb to the top to reach the fort perched at the highest point of this playground.  Full facilities with toilets, lots of bbqs, picnic shelters and lots of grassed and shaded area for a picnic making this centrally located playground the perfect day out of adventure.

Variety Place

Livvi’s Place Whiteman Edge BRABHAM

Located close to the Swan Valley, Livvi’s Place Whiteman Edge is not only a fantastic adventure playground it’s an all abilities playground with features for those with autism spectrum disorders, physical, visual, hearing and mobility impairments and is now fully fenced. You’ll find full facitilities here with BBQs, picnic tables and toilets.  Just down the road is Livvi’s Cafe

Livvi's Place Whiteman Edge

Adventurescape SOUTH YUNDERUP

This massive farm themed adventure playground features 8.5m tall windmill with slide, double cable flying fox and this pig slide which is ideal for the younger ones. Adventurescape South Yunderup may be a 1 hour drive from Perth but it’s worth the trip you can easily spend the day away here – you can even bring your kayaks along and have a paddle in the small lake here. There are toilets, plenty of BBQs and picnic shelters too.


Woodbridge Riverside Park WOODBRIDGE

This big fully fenced adventure playground located alongside the Swan River is an all abilities playground that features a big wooden pirate ship, double cable flying fox, water play feature and lots of tunnels, rocks and hills to climb through and over. Woodbridge Riverside Park features BBQs, toilets, picnic shelters and a cafe within the park.

Woodbridge Riverside Park 201909?UniqueId=MYDEALV

Bullrush Park XL Adventure Playground Providence Estate WELLARD

Adventure playground with big twisting slide, sand play, nature based play, ramps and more! You’ll find picnic tables and BBQs here, but no toilets at Bullrush Park XL Adventure Playground Wellard.

Bullrush Park Adventure Playground

Brabham Honeycomb Park BRABHAM

Brabham Honeycomb Park isn’t a big park, but it’s huge on play features for all ages and has a very distinct bee theme. The Honeycomb Playground is an absolutely amazing playground that will certainly make memories!

Brabham Honeycomb Park Feature

Bob Gordon Reserve Play Space BULL CREEK

Get out of the house for an out of this world play experience at the fully fenced Bob Gordon Reserve Play Space Bull Creek . It’s a not too big, not too small playground packed with play features for all abilities.

Bob Gordon Reserve Spaceship Play Space Bull Creek Feature

St Leonards Estate DAYTON

A series of elevated ramps that are joined by a cubby houses and there is low level play for little ones and more challenging play for the big kids. St Leonards Estate Playground is very close to the Swan Valley so it’s a good one to let the kids stretch their legs in between winery visits too. Lots of picnic tables, BBQs and toilets as well as a big grassed area to kick the ball around.

St Leonards Estate 195372?UniqueId=SpotlightOP

Quarry Adventure Park MEADOW SPRINGS

Quarry Adventure Park Meadow Springs features three separate play areas spread out across this big shady adventure park built into a large quarry. This park features bbqs, toilets, picnic tables and a water fountain.

Quarry Adventure Park


Mills Park Bechkenham features 24 hectares of recreational space to explore with nature based playground, water play, flying fox, nature board walks and lots more. This park features bbqs, toilets, picnic shelters and a water fountain.

Mills Park

Faulkner Volcano Park BELMONT

What’s could be more adventurous than climbing a volcano!?  The big volcano at the centre of the park is fun to climb, you can walk or slide back down.  There is also a flying fox so you can feel the wind through your hair and you can dodge the water spouts and run through the water sprays in the jungle garden. Fully fenced with BBQs, picnic tables, and toilets available at Faulkner “Volcano” Park just across the carpark near the Belmont Oasis.

Faulkner Volcano Park

Sculpture Park MUNDARING

Sculpture Park Mundaring is arguably the best playground in the hills area.  With lots to climb and explore and a focus on nature and sensory play, your kids will spend hours playing and exploring the sculptures in this park that give it, it’s name. BBQs and toilets are available at the park and the family friendly Mundaring Tavern is just across the road so you can easily play the day away here.

Sculpture Park 195459?UniqueId=AnacondaKAPMobile

Robot Park Newhaven Estate PIARA WATERS

The Newhaven Estate Robot Park Piara Waters is unlike any other park in Perth. It has been fantastically designed with a mix of industrial robot themed play equipment and a contrast of nature, sand and water play. This park features bbqs, toilets, picnic shelters and a water fountain

Robot Park Newhaven Estate

Mariala Vista Park YANCHEP

You’ll need to pack up the bikes and plan for a day trip for this one but Mariala Vista Park Yanchep worth the drive. With huge slide built into the hill face, massive rope climbing frame and bmx track you can most certainly play the day away here. There are BBQs, picnic shelters, a water fountain and seating, but no toilets.

Mariala Park 195372?UniqueId=SpotlightOP

Wandi DIstrict Playing Fields Playground WANDI

Wandi District Playing Fields is a big playground spread out into several sections with play for all ages include a flying fox, big slides and water play. Picnic tables, BBQs, water fountain but no toilets

Wandi District Playing Fields

Kwinana Adventure Park KWINANA

Kwinana Adventure Park gets our vote for best in Perth with absolutely everything you could want in a playground. All year round water park, flying fox, trampolines, tree walk, skate park alongside and so much more. Full facilities with picnic shelter, BBQs, water fountain and toilets

Kwinana Adventure Park 194289?UniqueId=SOYValuePackGIFSideAd

The Village at Wellard Adventure Playground WELLARD

Super tall jungle climb slide, bmx track and skate park all in the one amazing playground a The Village at Wellard Adventure Playground . Picnic table, BBQ and water fountain available but no toilets.

The Village at Wellard

Eden Beach Foreshore Playground JINDALEE

Climb the three storey high cubed tower and take on the ropes challenge at this amazing beach foreshore playground. Eden Beach Foreshore Playground features bbqs, toilets, picnic shelters and a water fountain.

Eden Beach Foreshore Playground 205491?UniqueId=FFFreeDelivery

Bibra Lake Regional Playground BIBRA LAKE

Huge adventure playground with flying fox, sky walk, water play and lots more, with something for all ages and abilities to enjoy. Bibra Lake Regional Playground features bbqs, toilets, picnic shelters and a water fountain.

Bibra Lake Regional Playground

Jungle Park Whiteman Edge BRABHAM

State of the art adventure playground with 7m tall jungle climb and lots of other jungle themed play features. Jungle Park Whiteman Edge features bbqs, toilets, picnic shelters and a water fountain.

Jungle Park Whiteman Edge 184515?UniqueId=MyDealSide

Shipwreck Park Sienna Woods HILBERT

Huge fully fenced shipwreck themed park with flying fox and water play on the main land. Shipwreck Park Hilbert features picnic shelters, toilets, bbqs and a cafe (not open every day).

Shipwreck Park

Pia’s Place All Abilities Playground WHITEMAN PARK

A visit to this fully fenced all abilities adventure playground at the Mussel Pool Picnic area is a must when exploring Whiteman Park. Pia’s Place All Abilities Playground Whiteman Park features picnic shelters, toilets and bbqs.

Pia's Place All Abilities Playground

Shorehaven’s Treasure Island Adventure Playground ALKIMOS

Shorehaven’s Treasure Island Adventure Playground is much more than just a playground it’s a place where kids can let their imagination run wild and where they can put their minds and senses to work to find the clues within the playground solve the puzzles and complete the treasure hunt. Shorehaven’s Treasure Island Adventure Playgound Alkimos features bbqs, toilets and picnic shelters

Shorehaven's Treasure Island Adventure Playground

The Harbour Playground SECRET HARBOUR

The Harbour Playground is a big fully fenced underwater themed playground close to the beach alongside the Secret Harbour Surf Lifesaving Club. The Harbour Playground Secret Harbour has toilets, bbqs and picnic shelters available.

The Harbour Playground 212076?UniqueId=EARLYXMAS

Explorer Park Sienna Woods HAYNES

Explorer Park Sienna Woods Haynes is a local favourite with an 8 metre tall slide tower, 2 different play spaces to entertain everyone and a few barbecues to make this a great spot for the whole family. No toilets available at this park.

Explorer Park Sienna Woods

Lighthouse Adventure Park EGLINTON

The Lighthouse Adventure Park Eglinton is the final piece that completes this amazing family haven complete with two playgrounds, family friendly bar and bistro and stunning ocean views.

Lighthouse Adventure Park 195459?UniqueId=AnacondaKAPMobile

Wellington Square Playground PERTH

Wellington Square Playground is a huge inner city intergenerational playground with something for all ages to play and relax all year round and includes toilet and BBQ facilities.

Wellington Square Playground

Due to the scale of some of Perth’s Super Parks and Playgrounds they are mostly reliant on natural shade, so you may need to leave your play until later in the day on a very hot day, and of course don’t forget to bring hats and sunscreen along.

We hope that you and your family enjoy your day out of adventure at one of Perth’s Super Parks. Don’t forget to pack a picnic or BBQ and spend the day away – and enjoy an early night as the kids crash out without any trouble when you get home.

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We make every effort to ensure all this information is up to date but should be used as a guide only. Events do get cancelled or changed and venues can close without notice. Always follow the links provided for up to date information on an event or activity. If you know of a change or cancellation we’ve missed then please contact us to let us know.

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