Things to Do in Wanaka – Explore the Best Attractions and Activities!

Discover the Jewel of New Zealand: Fun-Filled Family Activities in Wanaka

Oh, Wanaka! Your shimmering lake, your majestic mountains, your charm! There’s a reason families flock to you, seeking adventures, relaxation, and a treasure chest of memories. Let’s explore some magical things to do in Wanaka with your little ones or teenagers that guarantee smiles, laughter, and that precious family bonding time!

Outdoor Adventures for the Energetic Family

Wanaka is an outdoor playground ready to be explored. From the calm waters of Lake Wanaka to the rugged peaks surrounding it, your adventurous spirit will find a perfect outlet.

Paddle to the Island Sanctuaries

Begin your family journey with a kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding adventure. Paddle out to Ruby Island, a tiny gem in the midst of Lake Wanaka, where you can enjoy a picnic, explore little beaches, or go for a swim. It’s a great way to start your family outing with some fun in the sun!

Hike to Roy’s Peak

For families with older children ready for a challenge, the hike to Roy’s Peak is a must. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but the panoramic views of Lake Wanaka, Mt Aspiring/Tititea, and surrounding peaks are absolutely worth it. Remember to take lots of water, snacks, and wear good hiking shoes. Start early to capture the sunrise or enjoy the cooler morning air.

Educational Experiences with a Twist

Learning is fun in Wanaka, with activities that blend education with entertainment!

Visit Puzzling World

At Puzzling World, brains are sure to get a workout. Famed for its quirky buildings, illusion rooms, and a gigantic maze, it’s a place where physics, optics, and fun collide. Who says you can’t learn about the world while being upside down in an Ames Room or lost among the labyrinth of the Great Maze?

The National Transport and Toy Museum

Did someone say toys? The National Transport and Toy Museum is an amazing stop for families. Housing one of the largest private collections in the world, it features over 30,000 toys and a plethora of classic cars, fire engines, and military vehicles. It’s a wonderful journey through time that will fascinate both the young and young at heart.

Family Chill-Outs in Nature

After all the adventures, enjoy some downtime with Wanaka’s more relaxing activities. You’ll need it!

Lavender Farm Exploration

Stroll through the rows of purple at the Wanaka Lavender Farm. You can learn about the process of making lavender products, interact with friendly farm animals, and enjoy a home-made ice cream or a warm cup of herbal tea.

Stay tuned for more on what to do in Wanaka as we dive into the culinary treats, exciting seasonal activities, and the numerous photo opportunities that await in this picturesque New Zealand town. Enjoying your Wanaka adventure is as simple as being there – every moment is a chance to create a lasting memory with your loved ones.

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5 Things Parents Should Know When Preparing for Wanaka Adventures

Before you embark on your joyous family escapade to Wanaka, here are five essential tips to ensure everyone has the time of their lives.

1. Dress for Success

You’re heading for an adventure in nature’s playground, so dressing appropriately is key. The weather can be unpredictable, so layers are your friends. Don’t forget a waterproof jacket, comfortable walking shoes, and hats for sun protection. For those water activities, remember swimwear and a change of clothes – splashing is inevitable!

2. Sun Safety

New Zealand’s sun can be fierce, particularly in summer. Slather on that SPF 30+ sunscreen, even on cloudy days, and reapply it after a dip in the lake or a sweaty hike. Sunglasses and sun hats for everyone in the family will add that extra layer of protection.

3. Stay Hydrated and Fueled

All this fun is bound to make the family hungry and thirsty. Packing a cooler with plenty of water and healthy snacks is wise, especially when hiking or exploring away from conveniences. Wanaka is all about experiencing the outdoors, and you don’t want to have to turn back because someone’s tummy is rumbling!

4. Plan for the Little Ones

If you’ve got toddlers or young kids in tow, don’t fret – Wanaka is incredibly child-friendly. Just remember to pack the essentials: a stroller for long walks, plenty of diapers, and some favorite toys to keep them entertained during downtime. Oh, and an extra dose of patience for when they discover the joy of feeding the ducks by the lake and never want to leave.

5. Capture the Moments

Chances are, Wanaka will leave you spellbound with its beauty, so bring a good camera or clear some space on your smartphone. It’s not every day you get to snap those picture-perfect family moments with such a stunning backdrop. Remember to also live in the moment – the true beauty of Wanaka is best experienced through your eyes, not just a lens.

With these tips in your parental toolbelt, you’re set for an incredible adventure in Wanaka. Get ready to make memories that your family will cherish for a lifetime!

Fun Awaits Every Season in Wanaka

Every season in Wanaka brings its own unique set of activities and sights. Whether you’re basking in the summer sun, delighting in autumn’s golden hues, embracing the crispness of winter, or reveling in the blossoming beauty of spring, Wanaka is truly a year-round destination.

Summer calls for lake activities and al fresco dining by the waterfront. Autumn transforms hiking trails with a palette of vibrant colors. Winter comes with snow-capped adventures at the nearby Cardrona and Treble Cone ski fields. And in spring, witness the valley and gardens come alive after the winter chill.

So, what are you waiting for? Wanaka eagerly awaits to welcome you and your family into its enchanting embrace. Start packing those bags and get ready for a trip filled with excitement, relaxation, and endless opportunities for family fun in one of New Zealand’s most beloved destinations.

Remember, this is just the beginning. There’s so much more to uncover in Wanaka, so keep an eye out for further updates that will guide you through this delightful region. Adventure is out there, and it’s calling your family’s name!

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