Things to do with Toddlers in Adelaide

Things to do with Toddlers in Adelaide

Have you ever noticed how toddlers are like little bundles of boundless energy? They’re like tiny jumping beans, always ready to explore the world around them. But here’s the challenge: finding places where they can channel all that excitement. 

That’s where we step in – your go-to guide for tackling toddler energy right here in Adelaide. Picture this: you’re in Adelaide with your lively toddler, wondering where on earth you can take them to let loose and have some fun. 

Things to do with Toddlers in Adelaide

Fear not! We’ve embarked on countless adventures around the city with our own little whirlwinds, and we’ve compiled the ultimate list of toddler-friendly activities just for you.

Inside, you’ll discover a world of toddler-friendly indoor activities, play centres that will leave your little ones in awe, delightful baby and toddler playgroups where they can make friends, enchanting storytimes that spark their imagination, and a plethora of outdoor options for when the sunshine beckons.

We’ve been there, done that, and now we’re here to share our top finds – because, let’s face it, parenting toddlers is a rollercoaster, and we all need a little help now and then. 

So buckle up and get ready to dive into a world of endless possibilities, all carefully curated for you and your little balls of unlimited energy. We’re talking 10+ top activities and counting, all designed to make your parenting journey a little smoother.

Ready to turn those toddler adventures into unforgettable memories? Let’s get started!

Lollipops Playland & Cafe

Parents, have you ever dreamed of a place where your little one could play, explore, and have a blast, all while you enjoy a hassle-free coffee break? Welcome to Lollipops Playland & Cafe, the ultimate indoor play haven designed especially for toddlers!

Imagine this: your toddler, giggling with delight, climbing, sliding, swinging, and jumping in a dedicated area tailored just for them. Away from the hustle and bustle of bigger kids, your little one gets to do what they do best – play, explore, and make new friends. 

image 29

And while they’re having a blast, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a well-deserved coffee. It’s the perfect blend of fun for your toddler and a moment of peace for you.

With centres conveniently located at Golden Grove, Happy Valley, and Croydon, you can choose the one nearest to you. Or, if you’re feeling strategic (or hoping for a car nap), you can opt for the one furthest away – we totally get it!

So, if you’re seeking a place where your toddler’s energy meets laughter and exploration, Lollipops Playland & Cafe is the destination. It’s where family time is filled with joy and where parents get to cherish those precious moments of watching their child’s delight. 

Are you ready for a day of carefree play and shared smiles? Let the fun at Lollipops Playland & Cafe begin!

Tree Climb

Parents, have you ever found yourself in awe of your little one’s endless energy? If you’ve got a pint-sized explorer at home, you know how challenging it can be to find the perfect outlet for all that excitement. 

Well, here’s the secret to turning that boundless energy into a day of unforgettable fun – TreeClimb, Adelaide’s first inner-city Aerial Adventure Park!

image 28

Imagine a place where your toddler, over 100cm tall and fearless, can conquer tree-top adventures, all while you cheer them on from below. With three thrilling children’s courses – Yellow, Blue, and Orange – each packed with 21 exciting activities, it’s a paradise for curious minds and active bodies. 

And guess what? It’s not just an adventure; it’s an affordable one too! At just $32.00 per child, TreeClimb offers you and your little one an incredible deal for a day filled with laughter, bonding, and heart-pounding excitement.

TreeClimb isn’t just about climbing; it’s about creating memories together. So, bring your little one, ensure they wear closed-toe shoes, tie back their hair, and arrive a little early for a safety briefing. With up to 80 minutes of climbing, it’s the perfect recipe for a day filled with laughter and bonding.

Get ready for a day of family fun where your toddler’s boundless energy meets thrilling adventures. Because at TreeClimb, they believe that the best way to keep up with your little explorer is to join in on their excitement. Let the climbing begin!

West Beach Adventure

West Beach Adventure offers a haven of delights for toddlers and families alike. With an entry fee that typically ranges from $5 to $15 per person (depending on the activities and facilities chosen), this destination is a treasure trove of excitement and learning. Toddlers revel in the playground paradise, while the entire family bonds over beachside explorations, creating cherished memories. From the gentle waves lapping the shore to the array of play structures catering to little adventurers, the entry fee ensures access to a world where nature meets entertainment. It’s a perfect blend of fun, learning, and relaxation, making every dollar spent a worthy investment in creating joyous moments by the sea.xicfqU2INL8JkgpqOA5zFAbE06B3QDGadXLUt88uYLO5S2D2nYA4gmWZkZWqWZDJLCGZIMcOpsfiIfzcxIY0iPSI5ZpQmXgH8d9MB0Ndfr4QjFlPlivJN3e2Mpy5FY


Calling all parents with pint-sized bundles of endless energy! Have you ever wished for a place where your little whirlwind could bounce, tumble, and play the day away? Well, guess what? Bounce is the ultimate trampoline paradise designed just for kids like yours!

Imagine this: your energetic toddler, giggling with delight, bouncing on trampolines specially designed for their age group. At Bounce, they have the MiniBOUNCE Zone, a haven for children from walking age to 110cm tall. It’s a safe, interactive area where your little one can explore, jump, and have a blast.

But that’s not all – Bounce offers a world of trampoline adventures! From dodgeball battles that’ll have your toddler laughing non-stop to slam dunking like a basketball superstar, there’s something for every little athlete. And if your little one dreams of soaring through the air, there’s the Big Bag, a giant soft landing for practising those aerial moves.

image 29

For the brave explorers, there’s the X-PARK – an obstacle-filled wonderland that sparks creativity and encourages personal progression. 

And here’s a little secret for you: while your toddler is having the time of their life, you can join in, too! Bounce offers adult courses so you can bounce alongside your little one and share the excitement.

So, if you have an energetic toddler itching to use up their boundless energy, Bounce is the place to be. It’s where laughter meets adventure and where your family can create priceless memories together. Are you ready to bounce into an unforgettable day of fun?

The Beach House

Parents, have you ever found yourself in awe of your toddler’s boundless energy? If you have an energetic little one at home, you know how crucial it is to find the perfect spot for them to burn off that excitement. Well, say hello to The Beachouse – where endless fun meets non-stop laughter!

Imagine this: your toddler, wide-eyed with excitement, exploring a wonderland filled with heated indoor waterslides, bumper boats, dodgem cars, and an 18-hole Western-themed mini-golf course. 

And that’s not all! There’s a train, a carousel, an indoor playground, and a bunch of arcade games – all under one roof. The best part? There’s no entry fee! You just pay for the activities you want to enjoy.

image 28

But here’s the real gem: The Beachouse knows how to throw an awesome party! They host fantastic birthday parties and events, ensuring your little one’s special day is filled with joy and excitement. 

And parents, here’s a little treat for you – they’re licensed! So, while your toddler explores this mini paradise, you can just sit back and relax with a glass of wine and watch their eyes light up with delight.

So, are you ready for a day of endless fun and shared laughter? Let the adventures at The Beach House begin!

Horse Riding at Four Oaks Farm

Parents, have you ever dreamt of creating a memory for your little one that they’ll cherish forever? Well, picture this: your toddler, wide-eyed and filled with wonder, experiencing the magic of horse riding in the picturesque Adelaide Hills. Welcome to Four Oaks Farm at Littlehampton – where unforgettable moments and endless giggles come to life!

Imagine your child gently patting the mane of a friendly horse, their laughter harmonising with the sounds of nature around them. 

Four Oaks Farm specialises in creating beautiful memories, offering horse riding lessons tailored for children and beginner adult riders. But it’s not just about riding – it’s about a complete farm experience.

Your toddler can embark on pony rides, hand-feed adorable animals, and even enjoy carriage rides. And here’s the best part: there are special programs just for preschoolers, where every moment is filled with excitement and delight. 

image 29

And if you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, their ‘Ponies Love Parties’ program is an absolute hit! Picture your little one on pony rides, enjoying old-school merry-go-rounds, and even exploring fire engines – all in one incredible day.

Oh, and did we mention that Four Oaks Farm is the first accredited member of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA)? That means not only are your kids having a blast, but they’re also learning and growing in the process.

So, if you’re seeking a place where your energetic toddler can be captivated by the magic of horses and where unforgettable memories are created, Four Oaks Farm is the place to be. 


Parents, have you ever marvelled at your toddler’s boundless curiosity and energy? If you have a little explorer at home, you’re in for a treat! Picture this: a circus class tailor-made for toddlers, where their imagination takes flight, and they learn, play, and laugh alongside their parents. 

Welcome to Tiddlerz, a magical journey designed just for kids aged 2.5 to 3.5 years and their big people at Cirkidz in Bowden.

Now, imagine your little one discovering the wonders of rolling, balancing, throwing, jumping, and bouncing, all in the vibrant atmosphere of the circus. Led by expert trainers, Tiddlerz embark on adventurous explorations of their bodies, fostering fine and gross motor skills, self-discovery, social interaction, and, most importantly, having a blast! 

image 29

These circus obstacle courses not only entertain but also educate, progressively developing your child’s skills over the semester.

Here’s the best part – while your toddler is having the time of their life, you get to join in on the fun! Tiddlerz is not just an opportunity for your little one; it’s a chance for you to bond, play, and create wonderful memories together. Plus, you receive regular updates on your child’s progress, ensuring you’re part of every milestone they achieve.

And guess what? At the end of each semester, your little performer gets to shine in front of friends and family, showcasing the newfound skills they’ve acquired. It’s a moment of pride and joy that you’ll cherish forever.

So, parents, if you’re looking for an exciting, educational, and utterly delightful experience for your little one, Tiddlerz at Cirkidz is the place to be. It’s where their energy meets learning and where family fun takes centre stage. Are you ready for a circus adventure like no other? Let the laughter and learning begin!

WoodHouse Adventure Park

Parents, have you ever wondered how to channel your toddler’s endless energy into an adventure they’ll absolutely love? Well, hold onto your hats because Woodhouse has the ultimate recipe for family fun that your little one will adore!

Imagine this: your toddler sliding down slopes in big rubber rings, their laughter filling the air. At Woodhouse, it’s not just an activity; it’s a fast and furious thrill! And here’s the bonus – little ones can join in the excitement too, accompanying an adult in a Maxi-Tube for a wild ride down the slopes.

image 26 4

But that’s not all! Have you ever fancied exploring a giant maze with your little explorer? Woodhouse offers a labyrinth where you can navigate through quizzes, riddles, and unexpected surprises. It’s like stepping into a real-life adventure story! And the best part? They change the route, so every visit is a new experience.

And if you’re a family of outdoor enthusiasts, Woodhouse has a treat for you, too! From Frisbee golf to multi-dimensional bouldering, outdoor laser skirmish, and orienteering – the list of outdoor activities is endless! It’s the perfect way to bond with your toddler, embracing the great outdoors together.

Now, picture your little one’s eyes lighting up as they conquer these thrilling adventures with you by their side. Woodhouse isn’t just a place; it’s a haven where your toddler’s energy meets joy, creating memories that’ll last a lifetime.

So, parents, if you’re seeking a place where your child’s laughter mingles with excitement, Woodhouse is the destination. It’s where family fun takes centre stage and where your toddler’s boundless energy meets unforgettable experiences. Are you ready for an adventure-filled day that your little one will talk about for weeks? Let the fun at Woodhouse begin!

Unicorn Tea Party

Parents, have you ever dreamt of a magical tea party where your little one could hang out like royalty and meet a real-life unicorn? Well, hold onto your tiaras because we’ve found a dreamy experience just for you and your toddler!

Imagine this: an enchanting setting with a charming tipi and the star of the show, a miniature pony transformed into a unicorn! Your child, along with just two more little friends, gets the chance to feed, groom, pamper, and even take a ride on this magical creature. It’s a tea party like no other, filled with giggles, wonder, and precious moments.

image 26 2

Meet ‘Indiana,’ the dappled grey Percheron, and ‘Mabel,’ the adorable pony who absolutely loves interacting with children. Not only is this a photo opportunity that’ll make your heart swell, but it’s also an experience that your toddler will cherish forever.

And here’s the best part – the Unicorn Tea Party lasts for 1.5 hours, giving your child ample time to create unforgettable memories. Plus, adults are welcome, too! It’s a unique opportunity for your little one to be in the company of magical creatures while you watch their eyes light up with joy.

So, parents, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that combines enchantment, imagination, and joy, the Unicorn Tea Party is the place to be. It’s where your toddler’s dreams come true and where family bonds are woven with the threads of fantasy. Are you ready to make memories that sparkle in your child’s heart? Let the magical tea party begin!

The Adelaide Zoo

Parents, have you ever wished for a place where your little explorer could learn, play, and be enchanted by animals? Well, your wish has come true at the Adelaide Zoo’s ‘A to Zoo’ program! Picture this: your curious toddler, aged 2 to 4 years, embarking on a wild adventure to discover the wonders of animals in the most engaging way.

Join the zoo’s qualified Early Years Educators for 45-minute play-based learning sessions, where the magic of the zoo’s animals comes to life. 

Each week, your child will dive into the world of a different animal, their eyes wide with fascination and wonder. It’s not just education; it’s an immersive experience that sparks curiosity and creativity.

But that’s not all! While your toddler is learning and exploring, they can also take a walk on the wild side in the Zoo’s Nature’s Playground. Imagine them climbing structures, playing with water features, exploring a natural creek bed, and navigating aerial walkways. It’s a sensory wonderland designed to stimulate their imagination and keep them happily engaged.

image 26 3

And parents, here’s a little bonus – exclusive A to Zoo sessions are available for Early Childhood Centres, making it a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn and socialise in a fun and interactive environment.

So, if you’re seeking a place where your toddler’s energy meets education and excitement, the Adelaide Zoo’s A to Zoo program is the perfect destination. It’s where learning is a thrilling adventure and where family moments are filled with laughter and discovery. 

Are you ready for a day of wild exploration and shared joy? Let the adventures at Adelaide Zoo begin!

Funtopia Prospect

Parents, have you ever imagined a place where your little one could explore, play, and let their imagination soar? Well, Funtopia Prospect has created a magical haven just for toddlers, a place where tiny tots under 2 can unleash their creativity in Toddler World.

Picture this: your toddler is surrounded by building blocks, slides, interactive games, and a variety of play equipment designed just for them. It’s a world where imagination knows no bounds and where your little one can play to their heart’s content. And the best part? With plenty of obstacles and activities, your toddler will be happily worn out and ready for a peaceful nap afterwards.

image 28 1

But wait, there’s more! If you have older kids in tow, they can dive into the excitement of Playground World or challenge themselves on the climbing walls. And here’s a little treat for you – while your kids are having a blast, you can relax and enjoy a coffee served by Funtopia’s skilled baristas. It’s the perfect moment for you to unwind while your little one explores and has a great time.

So, if you’re searching for a place where your toddler’s energy meets imaginative play, Funtopia Prospect is the destination. It’s where family fun combines with creativity and where parents get to witness their child’s joy firsthand. Are you ready for a day filled with laughter, exploration, and delightful moments? Let the fun at Funtopia begin!

Haigh’s Chocolate Factory 

Parents, have you ever wondered how to turn your toddler’s day into a delightful adventure? Think about this: a free guided tour at Haigh’s Chocolate Factory, where the air is filled with the aroma of sweet treats and the walls are lined with the secrets of chocolate-making. 

It’s not just a tour; it’s a magical journey into the world of chocolate, where your child can marvel at the process, learn about the history, and, of course, indulge in some delicious tasting!

image 28

Even though the recommended age is over 5, imagine your little one’s eyes widening in wonder as they watch the chocolate-making magic unfold. While they may not fully grasp the intricacies, their senses will be delighted – the sight of chocolate being crafted, the enticing smell wafting through the air, and, of course, the taste of a delectable treat. It’s a multisensory experience that’ll leave your toddler wide-eyed and utterly captivated.

And here’s the beauty of it – as parents, you get to relish this sweet adventure together. It’s not just a learning experience for your child; it’s a moment of shared joy, laughter, and discovery. 

So, if you’re looking for a place where your toddler’s energy meets the magic of chocolate, Haigh’s Chocolate Factory is the perfect destination. It’s where family time becomes a delightful excursion and where precious memories are created, one chocolatey moment at a time. 

Are you ready for a day filled with sweetness, laughter, and shared delight? Let the chocolatey fun begin!

Mega Fast Karts

Parents, have you ever wondered where to channel your toddler’s endless energy in a way that’s thrilling and safe? Look no further! Mega Fast Karts in Richmond is not just a go-karting course; it’s an adventure waiting to happen! Imagine your little racer behind the wheel, eyes shining with excitement, ready to zoom around the track.

Imagine this: the sound of roaring engines, the thrill of racing, and the joy on your toddler’s face as they navigate the track. Mega Fast Karts is not just about speed; it’s about creating memories. 

image 26

And the best part? Laser skirmish adds an extra layer of excitement, turning your family outing into an epic adventure.

So, parents, if you’re looking for a place where your toddler’s energy meets high-octane fun, Mega Fast Karts is the place to be. 

It’s Adventure Time, Right in Your Backyard!

Who says adventures are only for grown-ups? Now that we’ve unlocked the treasure trove of toddler-friendly delights in Adelaide, it’s time to take your little one on a thrilling escapade. 

From climbing heights to magical tea parties and chocolate wonders, these adventures are not just activities – they’re building blocks for cherished memories.

So, parents, grab those tiny fingers, hold onto those precious giggles, and let the adventures begin! Every moment is a chance to create magic and watch your toddler’s world light up. Adelaide is not just a city; it’s a playground of endless joy waiting for your toddler to explore. 

Are you ready for the fun-filled escapade of a lifetime? Your toddler’s adventure in Adelaide starts now! 

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