Trees Adventure Lane Poole Park

Enjoy the best family day out ever at WA's first trees ropes course Trees Adventure Lane Poole Park

Note: Trees Adventure is now Treetops Adventure, to be updated shortly


Trees Adventure Lane Pool Park Features: Trees Ropes Course | 4-7yrs Courses | 8yrs+ Courses | 13yrs + Course | 16yrs Course | Drop Toilet | Basic Drinks & Snacks | EFTPOS | Bookings Essential | 2.5 & 3.5 hr hour sessions | Available for Group Bookings & Birthday Parties | Open Wed – Sun (7 Days During School Holidays)

Trees Adventure Lane Poole Park (WA’sfirst trees rope course) is located approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes drivesouth east of Perth, near Dwellingup and is the perfect destination for the most incredible day offamily fun and adventure.


For many kids and parents,putting on a harness and swinging through the trees several meters in the airmay feel a little daunting. The beauty of Trees Adventure Lane Poole Park is thatyou can step out of your comfort zone, do something youmay have never ever thought you could do and have an amazing time doing it together as a family.


You’ll need to book ahead and there a few different courses with different age level restrictions. On our visit we had two kids under 7, three 10 year olds and three adults in total. The 10 year olds were able to complete the green, blue and red courses with one adult participating with them (as per the max 4 kids under 13 per adult ratio requirement) and the younger ones did the yellow 4-7yrs course with adult supervision.


We enjoyed Trees Adventure Lane Poole Park on a drizzly day in October. It was actually really nice working our way through the obstacle courses with rain falling down. It’s pretty hard work so it kept us nice and cool and we had brought spare clothes along, so if you are prepared a bit of rain shouldn’t put you off.


You are asked to arrive 30 mins before your session. In this time you will be fitted with your harness, helmet and gloves and are taken through a safety talk, course instructions and practice course at ground level. There is a practice course for the little kids course and the big kids & adults course (these have different safety systems). Make sure you pay attention and have a good go at the practice course as it will help you get the most out of your experience. Everyone must complete the practice course before making their way to the real courses.


Don’t worry if the fall protection system seems daunting at first, it’s really easy to use once you get going and is 100% safe with a double carabiner locking system that ensures you are hooked on and locked on at all times on the big kids & adults course. It was a bit of a challenge at first for the kids to work out the system but you could see they got a real thrill once they had worked it out and became confident with it.


The younger kids also have a practice course on the ground. Their system is a little simpler but still requires a some coordination and patience.  This course requires a full body harness with single carabiner. There is a narrow gap in the carabiner that must be lined up with a series of “metal monster” guides that they must move their carabiner through. It does really pay to have a good practice with the kids here, as you can see from the photo below these guides are mostly out of reach when you supervise them on the course, so they need to be able to do it themselves.


An adult is required to supervise kids on the yellow 4-7yrs course from the ground. Adults must stay on the ground and cannont access the course. If the supervising adult is not accessing the adult’s courses they can enter the 4-7yrs yellow course to supervise children without having to pay. Kids need to feed their carabiners onto the course rope before they enter the platform to take them to the start of the course, and they cannot physically take the carabiner off until they reach the end so there is no choice but to be hooked on at all times. Master 6 was definitely a little frustrated at first, but once he got the hang of it, he was so proud of himself and really started to have fun – asking if he could do this all day!


There are two 4-7yrs yellow courses, side by side. Each takes about 15 mins to complete. Master 6 did them both then picked his favourite and repeated this one another 4 times.


The yellow courses have 10 obstacles on each including log balances, net walks, tunnel crawls and a few flying foxes, which of course were the favourite. The whole course is elevated just 2m from the ground.

From the little kids yellow course we could see the bigger kids with my son’s friends Dad up in the trees taking on the green, blue and red courses. They were able to complete the two green, two blue and one red course (up to 12m high) in just under the 2 hour allocation (note: session times are now 2.5 or 3.5 hours).


The little ones were pretty worn out by now so they enjoyed watching the big kids finish the red course with a super long flying fox and platform drop to get back down to the ground.


We only had about 20 minutes left after we all met up back on the ground, so the Mums decided it was their time to give it a go. The 10 year olds led the way to show us the ropes (literally) and we got to enjoy one of the green courses before we had to head back and hand in our gear. It was so much fun, we will definitely come back, armed with more grown ups so we can have a good go at the more difficult obstacle courses.


Our day out at Trees Adventure Lane Poole Park is being dubbed the best day ever by our family members and friends that joined us. As a parent it was amazing to see the kid’s fear, turn to frustration, then determination and confidence as the fun followed. It was a wonderful family bonding experience with everyone talking each other through each of the obstacles and helping each other out along the way. And of course just being amongst this beautiul forest is an experience in itsel. This adventure experience is an absolute must do, so get out the calendar and book it in and can tick it off your WA bucket list.

Our top tips for Trees Adventure –

  • Bring spare clothes and towels if it’s raining. You’ll get pretty wet up in the trees and the ground is quite muddy when it’s raining. Your clothes and shoes will most likely get quite dirty so wear some that you don’t mind getting dirty. If it’s cold you can wear a rain jacket or coat over the top of you harness.
  • If you have kids under 8 coming along with you, bring as many adults as you can to help supervise them so you and another adult can go together and have a good go too. It is a long way to drive and you may be disappointed if you don’t get to have go as you are occupied supervising the younger ones.
  • If you want to take photos or video in the trees you’ll need a camera you can secure to your harness or your body. If you have a Go Pro with carabiner clip bring that along. There are plastic cases for your iPhone with a lanyard that goes around your neck for sale ($10). You can also hire a Go Pro (the hire is a bit cheaper if you bring your own memory card along).
  • There are basic drop toilet facilities and basic snacks and drinks available to buy. If you want to enjoy some lunch after your session you’ll need to bring your packed lunch along. There are no bbqs and you are not allowed to bring bbqs either due to fire risks.
  • Even if family members don’t want to participate, still bring them along. Spectators can watch from the ground for free and can enjoy a drink and a snack on the deck.  Grandparents not able to participate will get a real thrill watching the grand kids having such a great time – and they can help you out with watching the younger ones too.

Trees Adventure Lane Poole Park is open all year round Wednesday – Sunday. Sessions may be cancelled due to weather conditions or fire risks, but you will be contacted if your session is cancelled.

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 7th October 2016

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