Visit Sunshine Castle Bli Bli and Step into a Fairytale Wonderland

The Magical Sunshine Castle Bli Bli: Your Ultimate Guide

The Magical Sunshine Castle Bli Bli: A Perfect Family Adventure

Hey joyful parents! In this guide, we’ll help you discover the enchanting world of Sunshine Castle Bli Bli, an extraordinary playground that sends your kiddos’ imagination to soaring heights! Carved in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, this epic fortress is not just a delight-load of excitement but also an enriching learning platform. Now, without further ado, let’s get you ready for your sun-drenched adventure!

Overview: Your First Peek into the Wonderland

Standing majestically in Bli Bli, the Sunshine Castle paints a picturesque setting with its medieval splendor. An interactive experience, it provides opportunities for storytelling, exploration, and learning that keep your little knights and princesses entertained all day. So prepare for an educational adventure as we delve into the castle’s secrets!

Unlocking the History and Culture

The Sunshine Castle is a portal that transports you back in history and across cultures. Marvel at the well-crafted displays and exhibits guaranteed to spark intrigue. So parents, pack your explorer’s hat because we’re about to dig into the fascinating tales etched in every corner of this fortress!

Unlock a Kingdom of Fun Activities

Roll out the red carpet for your kids as they step into a kingdom brimming with action-packed activities. Whether it’s embarking on the popular treasure hunt, playing dress-up with medieval costumes or witnessing stunning puppet shows, you’ve got the ‘licence to thrill’ your kids at the Sunshine Castle!

Sunshine Castle Bli Bli

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Let’s Talk School Trips – A Learning Adventure Awaits!

When it comes to school trips, Sunshine Castle Bli Bli transforms into an interactive classroom, showcasing the best of history, culture, and performing arts. The guided tours are not only educational but also engaging, making this magical fortress a top choice for school outings.

Feeding the Little Tummies – Scrumptious Saving Graces!

Feeding hungry monsters on a day full of adventures is a critical task, right parents? Fret not, because Sunshine Castle Bli Bli offers a delightful way out with its royal café! Enriched with a versatile menu serving light bites, yummy meals, and refreshing drinks, it ensures your little ones’ energy is recharged for more explorations!

Practicalities – All You Need to Plan Your Visit

Eager to unravel the enchanting world of Sunshine Castle Bli Bli? Well, here’s the information you need to plan an unforgettable adventure!

Tickets, Times and Location

We understand that parents love good deals! Sunshine Castle Bli Bli offers various ticket options, including single-entry, family, group, and school packages. So simply choose what suits you best! Remember, opening hours and conditions may vary, so always check the website or contact the castle directly for the most up-to-date information.

What to Bring

A good adventurer is always prepared! So, make sure you pack a hat, sunscreen, comfy shoes, and a camera to capture the unforgettable moments. Oh, and don’t forget your curiosity and imagination, because trust us – you’ll need them!

One Last Tip – Make It Unforgettable!

To wrap up, remember that every adventure is what you make it. Sunshine Castle Bli Bli promises a fantastic family experience, but it’s your smiles, laughs and sense of discovery that will truly make it magical. So parents, gear up, explore bravely, and let your family’s journey be as unforgettable as the castle itself! Happy exploring!

is a dream destination for any child, promising an adventure of a lifetime! Whether you’re playing princesses or knights in shining armor, the castle is a fun-filled learning journey through history and culture. To ensure your visit to Sunshine Castle is enjoyable and hassle-free, here are 5 things parents should know in preparations:

1. Opening Hours and Admission Fees

Plan Your Trip in Advance

Sunshine Castle operates daily from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM, and charges a reasonable entrance fee with family packages available. Age range discounts also apply, making it a family-friendly venue.

2. Dress Appropriately for the Weather

Comfort is Key

Check the weather forecast in advance, and dress your children accordingly. The climate in Bli Bli, Queensland is generally warm. So, pairing a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with light, comfortable clothing is advisable.

3. Food Options

Nourishment for Your Epic Adventure

Sunshine Castle boasts a delightful onsite café, The King’s Coffee House, offering delicious refreshments. However, they do allow packed picnic lunches in designated areas. This flexibility is good news especially for parents with picky eaters.

4. Accessibility

Prepare for Easy Navigation

Even though the castle was built around medieval architectural concepts, it has ramp access throughout, accommodating prams and wheelchairs with ease. However, remember, it’s a castle with a few towers – so be prepared for stairs!

5. Educational Opportunities

Learning has Never been More Fun

Sunshine Castle is not just about fun! It’s a creative way to educate the youngsters about medieval times, featuring interactive exhibits and treasure hunts. Encourage your child to ask questions as friendly staff members are always happy to share insightful information.

By keeping these factors in mind, your exciting day at Sunshine Castle Bli Bli will not only be filled with joy and laughter but also be an effortless experience that will be remembered and cherished.

Contact Details

Sunshine Castle
Location: Bli Bli
Address: 292-296 David Low Way, Bli Bli QLD 4560, Australia
Phone: (07) 5448 4477

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