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Welcome Parents to the Ultimate Guide to the Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine


Welcome, cherished parents! We know traveling and adventure fill the heart with joy. But when the little ones are involved, planning is paramount. And that’s exactly what this comprehensive guide is for – helping you navigate all the wonders of the Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine! From the fantastic exhibits and engaging programs, through to the exciting tours and events, we have all the information you will need right here!

Why You Should Visit Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine

Katherine Visitor Information Centre is an absolute diamond in Northern Australia. Nestled in the quintessential Outback township of Katherine, this centre is your gateway to fun, exploration and discovery of the Australian grandeur with your family. Whether you’re a history buff, a culture enthusiast or a natural wonder admirer, the Centre has something for everyone!

An Introduction to Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine

The Katherine Visitor Information Centre is located in the heart of Katherine. It’s a wonderful site pulsating with genuine Australian flavour, offering accurate and comprehensive details about the rich history, panorama, and culture of Katherine.

What to Expect at Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine

To put it in one word – Expect AMAZEMENT! The Centre is brimming with various exhibits, multilingual information displays, brochures and lots more to help you discover and appreciate Katherine in its entirety. The helpful staff are always around to answer any queries and guide you through the many exciting family-friendly adventures Katherine has to offer!

Tips For Your Visit

Arrival and Entry

Plan your time well! From the moment you arrive at the Centre, you’ll find yourself engulfed in information, displays and brochures. Ensure to grab the maps and guides to smoothly navigate your way around.

Stay tuned for more handy guides on tours, accommodation, meals, and children-centered attractions at Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine. Let the adventure begin!

Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine

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The Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine is renowned for its diverse and intriguing tours. Whether it’s exploring the magnificent Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park, or immersing in the mysteries of the Cutta Cutta Caves – the Centre is your ultimate starting point.


The Centre’s knowledgeable staff are equipped to help guide you on a range of accommodative options spread throughout the region. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for luxury, there are motel, hotel, cabin, caravan and camping options to suit your needs.

Food and Dining

From local eateries to fine dining spots in the area, the Visitor Centre is your best source of advice for all your culinary desires. Indulge your palate with local dishes and cuisines recommended by the Centre.

Child-focused Attractions

Bringing the little ones? Fear not! Katherine is packed with attractions and activities that are children-friendly. Recommend them to explore local wildlife, create native arts and crafts, or spend an afternoon in one of the recreation centers. The Visitor Centre is your handbook to your family-safe activities.

Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine – A Gateway to Unforgettable Memories

With lush landscapes, thrilling tours, fascinating cultural immersion and above all, the warmly welcoming Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine, your family trip is guaranteed to be a memory of a lifetime. Grab your hat, come soak up the regional features Katherine has to offer and kick-start your unforgettable adventure!

In a nutshell, Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine is the compass and guide to your family’s journey in Katherine. From maps to tours, from food to accommodation – this Centre go the extra mile to ensure your visit is as enjoyable, educative and easy as possible. Happy adventuring!

Things Parents Should Know in Preparing for Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine

Visiting Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine promises to be exciting and enriching. As you plan your family trip, here are five crucial things parents should know.

1. Accessibility for Children

The centre is kid-friendly, ensuring that all areas are accessible for children. However, ensure to keep an eye on younger ones, especially when viewing exhibits, for safety purposes and to avoid disturbing other visitors.

2. Availability of Essential Amenities

When planning your visit, be aware that the centre is equipped with essential amenities like washrooms, baby changing facilities, and designated eating areas, making it convenient for families with kids of all ages.

3. Educational Value

The Katherine Visitor Information Centre offers a wealth of knowledge about the region’s history, culture, and attractions. It can serve as an educational trip for your children. Make sure they have notebooks and cameras, as they’ll be plenty for them to learn and record.

4. Plan Ahead

It would be better to contact the centre ahead of your visit. This will enable you to ascertain their opening hours, planned special activities for families and children, and any rules and guidelines you should follow to ensure a smooth visit.

5. Convenience and Comfort

Located in the heart of Katherine, the Visitor Information Centre is easy to find and strategically placed near restaurants and other fun places. However, remember to dress comfortably considering Katherine’s tropical climate.

Preparation is key to make your experience at the Katherine Visitor Information Centre Katherine enjoyable and unforgettable. Remain informed to provide your family the best experience possible.

Contact Details

Katherine Visitor Information Centre
Location: Katherine
Address: Corner Lindsay Street and, Katherine Terrace, Katherine NT 0850, Australia
Phone: 1800 653 142

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